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B3 Quattro

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    1996 Mazda 626 FS MTX

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    West Columbia, SC/ Central Islip, NY

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  1. B3 Quattro

    Really WTB: GD/GE 626 or MX-6

    Bump...Nothing in the area? I know these cars are getting old now, but damn. I've posted in every Mazda forum that I know of without a single lead.
  2. B3 Quattro

    Really WTB: GD/GE 626 or MX-6

    Taking a shot in the dark here, but does anyone know of a second-generation MX-6 LS, fourth generation V6/5-speed 626, or a 3rd generation 626 GT for sale in the NY/NJ/PA/CT area? I've been looking everywhere and can't find anything (The 626GT that I was going to buy got sold). I've owned eight Mazdas to date, and really want to get back into it again.
  3. Since I apparently have a problem, I'm currently looking for yet another 626 (this will be my SIXTH). I've owned Toyotas, BMWs, Audis, a Datsun, and an Infiniti in between, but there's something about these cars that keep me coming back. I'm looking to spend around 1000, and I'm looking to buy this coming Friday. It MUST be an MTX, must be at least driveable, and must have a sunroof. I'm slightly flexible as to whether or not it's a 4-cylinder or V6, and I may even be interested in an 88-92 generation (hell, I wouldn't even turn down an 83-87). Please let me know what you have, or if you know if any potential leads. Thanks in advance!
  4. A few weeks ago, I suffered from a dead battery. I got the battery jumped, and immediately afterwords the alarm stopped functioning. I tried the alarm reset procedure for the newer (1998-2002) models that I found on this forum, but it didn't work. I don't know whether or not there is a fuse for it in the fusebox, since the cover is missing on my car. Any help on this situation will be appreciated. BTW, it's a 1996.
  5. B3 Quattro

    Wtb 1St-4Th Gen 626

    Yeah, it's running good now that I repaired the head gasket. It's also in decent cosmetic shape, has a sunroof, and I bought it at a decent price...So I can't complain.
  6. B3 Quattro

    Wtb 1St-4Th Gen 626

    It figures that these would pop up on craigslist after I bought my 626 already. lol
  7. B3 Quattro

    93+ High Mileage Thread

    '96 LX 4-cylinder MTX - 245k Original engine and transmission. Engine will need a head gasket soon, and burns oil on start-up, but still runs fairly good for now. Transmission is perfect. Cosmetically perfect. Original paint has no scratches. All power accessories including sunroof work fine.
  8. I just recently purchased my fifth 626, a '96 FS/MTX. This is the first one I've owned with key-less entry. It was working just fine until I replaced the battery. Now, neither it nor the remote trunk release function. Do I need to reprogram it after the battery died? If so, than does anyone know the procedure? Thanks.
  9. B3 Quattro

    Wtb 1St-4Th Gen 626

    I'm looking for any 1st gen to 4th gen 626. Must be running, but can need a little work. MUST be 5-speed and in/around SC area. I would prefer it to have power options and sunroof. I am looking to spend around 1k or less. You can e-mail me: b3quattro@aim.com or call: 803-445-5352
  10. B3 Quattro

    Motorweek '93 Mazda 626 Review

    ....and an mx-6 road test for good measure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O7VnlgR40I&feature=related
  11. B3 Quattro

    South Carolina Members

    Just moved from Long Island, NY to West Columbia, SC Name: Brenden Car: Wrecked '94 626 fs/mtx Mods: Bone Stock. Need to repair the bodywork before even considering mods. My last 626 v6 had I/H/E, and front/rear strut bars. My first 626 (also a v6/mtx) had ADR wheels, intake, and exhaust. With all that said, a SC meet would be pretty cool.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWsctZQKFjk