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  1. If it's a 323 GTX Turbo AWD (or if your just curious about them) try: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/323gtx/ OR http://www.mazda323performance.com/default.htm
  2. Have a rebuildable '88 b6t engine, less turbo and exhaust manifold (and some other GTX parts). Was going into a "project car" 323 GTX AWD but had to drop project do to my wife's health. Don't mean to clutter up things here with non-626 stuff but thought someone, might know someone, who might know someone who'd been looking for this kinda stuff. Contact me here or at 303-868-5850 - Harold - Aurora, Colorado for more info. If one of the Administrators deletes this 'cause it's not "on subject"...I'll understand
  3. See my add in the Marketplace if you're looking for OEM wheels.
  4. Maybe these guys could've helped avoid the problem!
  5. Am new here and to using forums. I inadvertently posted an add for some "87" 626 GT wheels in the "Hot Deals" section of the Marketplace. Once I realized my mistake I posted in the general marketplace section. Now I can't seem to figure out how to remove the post I placed in the "Hot Deals" section so as to be "forum correct" and not have a bunch of posts all over the place. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the improperly placed post? Thanks for your help. (I always seem to have one or two screws left over after I put everything back together)
  6. Sorry, this is a duplicate add. If still interested see my "4 Sale" post. I'm trying to get his post deleted to avoid any further confusion. My apologies!!
  7. Have a set of 4 OEM 13" alloy wheels off an "87" 626 GT Turbo. No major defects and/or road rash. Bolt pattern is 4X114.3 Had the Michelin Destiny (P175/70R 13) tires mounted on them in December. Will sell wheels only $250.00 / tires only $150.00 / $300.00 for all. OBO. (you pay labor costs and/or shipping) Had them on a '86 Mazda 323 (my wife's MS has gotten worse so am selling the car). In my younger days I used to own an MGA and 3 MGB's, so I didn't want to see these wheels go to someone who couldn't appreciate the history of the vehicle these came on. They're not real fancy smancy but would be great for a "purist" restoration. Reply here or call - Harold 303-868-5850 - Aurora, Colorado
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