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  1. i had a day this weekend, so i tore it down and put a new gasket in there. she runs like a top.
  2. i have discovered a leak in my intake mani gasket, i dont have time to fix it for a week or so. my question is.. can i put gasket maker in the area ( ultra black, goood for 500* f). will it seal it for a cple weeks?
  3. i went to the yard today. found one set. looks pretty good but i just glanced at them.(i was after IAC valves..) ima go back tomorrow and buy them. you need fog light switch aswell?
  4. i just did this on my 93. and i found it much easyer to order the cam locking tool from otc. its like 10 bucks it allighns your cams you can only fit it in one way. makes the job head ache free.
  5. any luck on taking that video clip?
  6. thanks rider. possibly could i hear your exhaust? and what muffler and resonater are you using?
  7. bump. will a cat delete set up make the exhaust louder then stock?
  8. hey man atleast im repairing my exhaust. which is rusten off befor the cat. that means it doesnt go threw a cat, nor a resonater nor a muffler. so i dont think i can pollute more then i am right now. at least replacing my exhaust even with cat delete. back to the question at hand. deleting the cat with straight pipe, will it make the exhaust to much louder. i plan on running a magnaflow muffler. any options for resinater pipe? or should i run just a stock seronater. thanks again for the help.
  9. now removing the cat and running a straight pipe to the resonater, will this make the exhaust louder? or raspy? thanks again for the help.
  10. i have no emitions where i live so im good on that aspec aswell. my idle jumps and is really low, typical for iac valve, egr blocked maybe? possibly a vaccumme leake. im changing the water pump timing belt tentioner right now. waiting on parts from rockauto. after that im doing the intake manni gasket, herd a hissing from the motor, back by the fire wall, passenger side.
  11. iv seen postes talking about this on other year cars. just not specific to my year. i have a 1993 2.0 mtx. exhaust is rusted out, from down pipe all the way back. my question is, can i run a straight pipe set up from down pip to resonator, which means removing the cat? no cel or check engin lights. and secondly, because my exhaust is so rusted and falling apart would this contribute, to the rough idle i have been having? thanks alot.
  12. hey i have a question for you, i used to have fogs, but they got removed after the car got wrecked, i still have my factory switch and stuff, but i bought a pair of new fogs (after market) do you think i could wire them up to the factory wiring? or how i would do that? cus the switch still has its wires dunno about by the bumper though

  13. also that engine looks raw. you should get some video of it running in the car.
  14. i think some one has done a right up on the whole swap, if some one finds it please post it. im getting the rear disk set up next week. and its a long drive to get it i want to make sure i have all the right parts , thanks peace
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