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  1. adrian626pl

    Wanted Ecm

    i need a ecm for a 96 626 4 cyl mtx anyone have one for sale or place where i can get one cheap thanls
  2. adrian626pl

    96 626 Parting Out!

    do you still have the pcm and did you have a check eng light? i did a swap on my 626 too from auto to manual n i keep having a check eng light for p0335 and the only thing that can be bad is the pcm
  3. adrian626pl

    Driving Lights Added

    At least it wasnt a deer...them wisthles only work on deers lol not on anyother animals
  4. adrian626pl

    O2 Sensor Question

    mabye the 3 wire one for the front is for the 95 and down years that were obd1 not sure thoe if they are 3 wire
  5. adrian626pl

    Idle Drops When Subs Hit Hard

    sound like you need a copasator or a stronger battery by saing that u idle drops when the subs hit.
  6. adrian626pl

    Another 626 Accident

    im sure im not talking about inner tie rods it takes 20 min to take off inner tie rods it takes a day to pull out a rack on the floor i got some pic but it seems i cant ad them as an attachment besides i was surprised myself when i took out the rack
  7. adrian626pl

    Dark Tint

    i mean t the front window as in the drivers door and pass front door . but when i replaced my front window it came with a small tint on top
  8. adrian626pl

    Another 626 Accident

    its actually the total opposite everything else is ok but the sterring rack is in two pices ill take some pic tomorrow. any one got any tips on the fstest way to take it put ive been trying for a while tryed to take it out with out taking the subframe and the crossmember out
  9. i hoped i would neve had to make a post like this but i charched today went a little too fast on a slippery on ramp and jump the curb i missed the gurdrail by i have to say 2mm so theres no body damage i havent looked at the car yet but its bad my wheels dont turn probably going to have to replace the whole front end steering rack lower control arm tie rods i need a new wheel but on the bright side i didnt pop no tires and noone got hurt ill keep ya posted
  10. adrian626pl


    you can also do it thure the brake boostr just disconect the hose from the brake booster get a little funnel start car cover have of the funne lwith your hand and pour in about 1/3 (i think) dont let the car stall out keep adding gas and then let is sit for bout 5 min and see resoults later or you can also put some in you gas tank or in the oil case
  11. adrian626pl


    somehow i think this meeting wont happend like the other ones in the past we ware very disorginized and picky with the dates just somone set the date and thats it you cant make it too bad cant make everyone happy but i bet if they really want to came they will find a way to take that day off
  12. adrian626pl

    Dark Tint

    you can get around the law just go to you eye dr and tell him you cant see with the sun and you need tints then he'll most likley write you a prescripction for tints on the front windows
  13. adrian626pl

    Dark Tint

    i have limo tynts in the back and 15% in the front got pulled over once and i got a ticket for 50$$ just because i have tints on the fron its illigal over here to have tinted front
  14. adrian626pl

    Check Battery Light

    might be a weak connection somewhere on the charging system
  15. adrian626pl

    Code P0400

    mabye a charcoal canister?