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  1. Hi guys! Well,a good friend of mine who seems to have the ability to find real minters,has this for sale. Mazda 626 1.6 GLX Manual 1983/A White 4 Door Saloon Blue Velour Upholstery,and it is literally like new. FULL Mazda Service History from new Absolutely no rust whatsoever. Currently in professional storage unit in the West Midlands,Telford area. £995 Ive seen this car personally and Im extremely fussy.This is literally timewarp and beautiful to drive apparently. Linky http://www.tvtalents...zda-626-lx.html Call Alistair 07525 070220 / 01902 375353
  2. Hey Bob! OK,I do have a solution. I stripped out the trunk and drilled (with a hole saw) some 2 inch holes.This size,to allow me to shine a light in. I could then pass through the wand of gunge! Now then...this was pumping out POR 15 (they do NOT also make one called PEN 15!! ) Once I was sure I had covered around the entire wheelarch,I switched to the other side. When I had done this,I did the offside again then the nearside,yknow,just to be sure.Also,it brings out the male ego in you with a squirty gun in your hand.Ohhh yeah. We can see the difference so far this winter.No rot whatso
  3. HI all! Long time no visit. I appear here after quite a while,on behalf of my Mum,the 626 2.0 Executive Auto owner,1995 car in Noble Green. Both rear arches have begun to rot out at quite an alarming rate these past few months. I did a cut out and fill job some two years back but the rot is finally back,the other sides not much better either. I have noticed theres a gap between the inner and outer arches which allows moisture to become trapped.I attempted to smear cavity wax in there as much as possible. How have you guys and gals dealt with your rotting out rear arches??The rest of the
  4. Hi Everyone! I really hope you guys can help me here. I post on behalf of my 76 year old Mother here in the good ole U of K!!! She has a pampered 115000 mile 95 626 2.0 Executive Auto. On steering left when making a turn,a loud clicking sound comes from what seems like the inner driveshaft area of the car. They are original on this car,as are the CV joints. My worry is slipping bands in the Auto Box however. I say this because when I have nailed the throttle from a standing start,you get this same sound. The best way to describe the sound is to say its like someone is putting a screwdr
  5. Hi guys from the UK! Im Steve and although Iam a forum poster on www.classic-audi.co.uk,my reasons for being here are rathermore for the welfare of my recently damaged mother's excellent 95 626 Exec. I need a Noble Green front left door and wing.Shipping from the States could cost a lot,so UK members a preference. I would like to hang the door and bolt on the wing,then get detailing,leaving it looking just right again. It was a drive off accident while the car was in a shopping car park. Hope someone here can help. Really glad to actualy find a 626 forum too Please help Steve
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