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  1. No bites?? :) Sorry for my wall of Text!!
  2. Hey Everyone!! Gonna pick the brains of the Mazda Lovers. A little backstory first. Brittney is my 1996 Mazda with 181,500 miles or so. I've got somethings going worng. Maybe you can help me decide if I should stick the money into her for another few years. The good is I love the car. Can't beat the $$ saved over driving my truck. The body is decent too. With the bad. About a year ago I started hearing a tick when driving. It randomly ticks when sitting idle, but almost a constant tick when driving down the road nder a "load". Not sure even where it's coming from. It almost sounds like a snap. Not sure if the tensioner was replaced when they did the timing belt and H2O pump was replaced. I suppose that could be the problem there. Second, Last year in the summer months I started to notice a spraying sound. When it would be really hot..I would start my car and drive it for a few miles. Lets say I would come to a stop sign and start to take off....if I got on the throttle a bit...it would lose power and almost Hiss and go "SHHHHHHSHHHH from somewhere under the hood. The car would then die and start after a few cranks. Sometimes it wouldn't die though..and I could hear it and notice a large decrease in horsepower. Almost like it was choking. When it did die though, the check engine light would come on. I'm thinking possible head gasket leak? sealed up once I got going? I have no idea. Third..the other day the front left coil spring snapped and broke...tore up my break line and blew my tire at 55 mph. Not to excited about replacing it...I have the struts int he garage and the spring compressor to do the job. Just have had a hard winter and not to excited about tearing into it again after changing front control arms and ball joints. Dilema is this: 1. Change tensioner?? if this is even the problem with the ticking... 2. The hissing and spraying "SHHHSHHHS" noise..no idea what that is..!! Seems to have gotten worse during last summer as it got older. ( NOte:It didn't happen at all this winter when it was cold. It's got to be a seal somewhere... right??) 3. Tear into the fron suspension again..replace the coil springs and struts...fix the broken break line...and have another alignment done. Any thoughts on the route I should take? Any idea on the problems I'm having? The hissing part has got me scared the most.. Thanks in advance everyone. Have a great weekend!! -Coleman
  3. 1996 2L 4 181,500 miles. Strictly a work/gas mileage car. Engine-Clutch-Tranny are original. Changed Oil every 3000 miles. Castrol 5w30. Replaced parts: -Complete Exhaust. -CV Axles. -Water Pump. -Timing Belt. -Thermostat(S) -Front Control Arms with Ball Joints. -Driver Side Sun Visor. Work Needed: -New Front Coil Springs.
  4. OKay..been over a year and Brittney is still driving. I've passed 180,000 miles I've still got the ticking. Random when she sits and idles. Almost constant when driving down the road in all gears. Still religiously changing the oil. Currently she is out of commision though. The strut coil spring broke. Too many hard pot holes in Iowa thaw I think I hit a good one and brokeit. Blew my tire at 55 mph also! Going to tear into her again. As for the folks who replied. I appreciate it greatly. On the tioing belt issue..it was done almost 80k ago. Think it would need a new one or it's worth pulling? Not sure if I want to put the money into it anymore. Thanks again!! -Coleman
  5. Not to be a smart ass..but when I was growing up..my parents and three kids took a trip from Iowa to Colorado in a 4 cyl Chevy Celebrity. The car was loaded to the roof with clothes, bags, food, 5 people and a Jayco popup camper. Up and down the mountain for 2 weeks. The car was retired when my brother panted it into a tree..it had 256,000 miles. I would say go for it dude! -Coleman
  6. I've got a 96 Mazda 626 4 cyl with 168K today. 5 speed manual. Question. Think it would be bad to switch to a thicker weight with a small engine leak. I noticed on this morning while trying to diagnose a different problem. Pros and Cons? If you agree..which wieght? Thanks!!
  7. Thanks for the replies thus far eveyone. To answer the question...oil weight as far as I know was the same. 5w30. I've always used Castrol 5w30. If it's the lifter..I'm considering changing the oil back to conventional and replacing one quart with Risoline. Think this might help or is there something better out there like ATF or auto-rx? Thanks again!! -Coleman
  8. 1996 lx 2.0l 5 manual with 167,000 miles.
  9. No sir, I did not do the belt tension assembly. Slap me silly and call me Sally. -I'm not loseing power or anything..what are my option or worse case scenario if I just let it go? Wreck the belt? Screw up the timing? Scramble the puter? Edit: I looked at it a bit closer this morning with some guys from work. I honestly don't think it's the belt tensioner. It almost sounds like a selenoid snapping or something..possible from one of the vacc lines. Particularly right next to the valve cover. Whne looking at the motor from the fron..it would be on the left back side...with one bolt holding it to a bracket. Any thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance! -Coleman
  10. I'm in Ankeny!! Originally from Mason City. Lived in Ames for almost 7 years too! -Coleman
  11. Hello everyone! Long time Mazda listener..first time caller!! I've got a 1996 Mazda 626 2.0l lx 5 manual. Her name is Brittney. She's maroon..a little hard..but she still gets me back and forth to work! Recently, I've done some work to her: New water pump. 50k ago Timing belt. 50k ago New cv joints. Right and left control arms. Right and left inner and outter tie rods. Tires. Alignment. Stablizing bar linkages. Brakes. Rotors. Basically I do all this fun stuff in my garage with my Craftsman tool collection! Story: I religiously change her oil every 3000 miles with a filter. I never miss a beat. One day I notcied I had a filter I couldn't get off. It happened after I put her up on the ramp with the engine being hot. I got distracted and had to leave for a while and came back to it after it cooled. I cranked and cranked. So I decided to let it go with one filter no change. Figured she would be okay Since the filter was pretty much stuck on...I took it to a Valvoline quick lube...payed for the srvice..btw..I have never done....and they replaced it no problem.but this time they put in synthetic high milage oil. No worries right?!! This may or may not have anything to do with it. Problem : To make a long stoy short...ever since then I've notived a ticking noise. Not when I start it up...but randomly. It last for 30 seconds to 1 minnute maybe. This is while it's idleing and after a few minutes of running after cold start. Now after I drive it 30 miles to work...I can let it sit and it won't make this ticking noise at all. Also I've noticed now..I can hear the same ticking while giving the car gas in all gears. This ticking almost sounds like those snap bang things kids throw on the ground and are sold during the 4th of July time. Does anyone have any ideas? To be honest..I think it's coming from the passenger side of the vehicle. If I guessed...I would say lifters..or belt tension assembly. Only reason I think assembly is because I hear it when I give the car gas and am accelerating. If I shift into neutral and rev it up..the sound is gone. Hope this gives someone an idea enough to help get me pointed in the right direction. Also..It doesn't use oil or leak oil. Thank You in advance.. -Coleman ps....she has 167,000 miles..some around the block!!! And she's a 1996 model..not a 97 like I said in the header.
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