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  1. No dice on the splash guards lee, the oldest part number for a 626 was 93, and that was for the rears only.
  2. Thanks dj, honestly, I have thought about it. They're a whole lot cheaper than camaros, thats for sure lol. There is a REALLY clean 89 probe gt with 105k miles on it, one owner car for sale in my are right now. I've recently acquired a 97 4 door automatic integra though, that i've been tossing the idea around of doing a turbo auto build on, just to piss/through off the honda guys lol.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/superslowcamaro1 Well, heres my car these days. I havent been on here in years probably. lol. Car is a 383 ls1, th400 with a trans brake, 12 bolt rear end. went 10.8 on a 125 shot, full interior with ac and ps. The car is actually for sale right now, if anybody is interested you can message me. Also, I really came over here to offer any help that I can. This site was always helpful when I had the ol 626, so I like coming here to offer my help when I can. I've been working at a Mazda dealership for the last year, so I have access to all the factory manuals, if
  4. Thanks man. I already know that I want to do a 5.3 swap into it. Which is an iron block Ls series motor, the LM7 is the one i want to swap in to be exact. With a bit of boost, these motors make a pretty healthy amount of power pretty reliably. There has been multiple motors engine dyno over 1,000 hp on stock bottom ends. I'd ultimeatly be happy with anywhere from 600-800. But, that's a ways away. Lol.
  5. Well, the rotary was going to go either way. Just a matter of now or later. But, atleast this way, I'll help keep other rotary's going, and saved this shell from a scrap yard.
  6. Well if this is the case, then I mind as well part it out.
  7. I'm sure it has sat for quite awhile without running. We actually traded on the understanding that the motor probably doesn't run, but he gave me all the parts to put it together. Only reason I'm trying to get it to run is because I have all the parts for the rotary here, and no parts for a 5.3 swap yet lol. But if somebody wants to buy something, I have extra parts, so I wouldn't mind selling some stuff.
  8. Well, its been a while since I've been here guys. Just thought I'd pop in and show you guys my new Mazda. Its an 86 rx7, the car is a N/A car with a turbo motor in it. I traded my motorcycle for it. Basically, everything exhaust side of the car was off of it when I got it, as well as the intake side, and no engine harness. I've got all the parts to put it back together though, so I'm currently in the process of figuring out what the hell is going on with the harness lol. It came an rtec1.8 (i think) ecu, which from my understanding, I'll be able to run 10lbs of boost, and make ~300hp. That's j
  9. I don't have a windshield washer reservoir, but I do have a radiator. I have everything that would go on the motor, inside the motor, in the timing chain area, head, intake and exhaust manifold etc, except for the actual block. Also have a drivers seat, center console, and perfectly fine dash. I think I might have an HVAC control too. Also have a 91 N/A ECU.
  10. Sold. Still have a bunch of spare parts if anybody needs them. I'll be taking them to the scrap yard in a week if nobody buys anything.
  11. ^^, I've got a spare head I can sell you. I've got two that i can sell actually.
  12. If it counts, this is my car now. (blue one) I did a body, chassis, and motor mod to the old 626. Really performs now, lol.
  13. I'm sure they aren't going anywhere anytime fast.
  14. Clay bar's are awesome, took quite a bit of black over spray off of my silver car. And leaves the surface so smooth. I loved clay baring my trunk lid, and watch people slide off of it when they tried jumping up onto it lol.
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