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  1. Hector, I have a upgraded version of the mount for only $50 shipped.
  2. to much extra vibrations. We have them a lower priced motor mount, with a LOT less vibrations
  3. You can fill your mounts with off-the-shelf polyurethane for about $20 in material, and a few days drying time. what about the darkstar mounts are those just for the v6 because they dont specify but they are also a lot cheaper. yes, they will fit
  4. The image we would use, would have to be a common image to represent the forum. And it must be approved by the Admin
  5. Custom made name badges for Mazda626.net Each badge is sequentially labeled beginning with #0001 to #0100. Please note that these are limited edition badges. The number can be increase from 100 to 150 or 200 if theres enough interest. Since badge numbers are unique, if you see a car on the road with a specific badge number, you can look up what member that was on the cumulative GB List! Specifications: 3" x 1" 1100 Alloy Aluminum with Brushed/Satin Finish with a hard anodized clear coat. 3M VHB (Very high bond) mounting tape Strength: 25 lb/in of 90 degree peel adhesion strength (440 N/1
  6. Hi all, Here is Blow Out Sale for our motor mounts we offer for you guys. Front motor mount-$40 shipped (Only for 3 Mounts) This front motor mount is made from 3/16" steel, fully welded and powdercoated black for long lasting protection. This mount uses an 70A hot pour urethane, we are the only one on the market using this material in our motor mounts.. This new material holds like a 100 durameter, but contains anti vibration molecules that keep 85% of the harmonics in the bushing (less cabin vibrations). Our mount will tighten up the drivetrain and help eliminate wheel hop Rear motor m
  7. Who did you buy the pulley from? never mind the extra vibration was coming from the new awr motor mounts i put on too. should have got the auto ones cause they are softer. i about to get it taken off cause it doesnt like the cold weather and im tired of seeing my temp guage go up at a red light The mounts we offer do not have that extra vibrations, and will hold more torque than the other mounts on the market
  8. received donor crank pulley yesterday. I'll be sending i off the company I'm have making them, and I should have a answer back in about a week
  9. I already have.... I'm still looking fo a donar crank pulley though
  10. Hello all, We just release our passenger side for the 626, it made from the same bushing we use on all of our mounts. Please take a look at our site, and give us your reveiws http://www.darkstarmotorsports.com/index_files/Page309.htm
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