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  1. Yes they work fine. I put probe headers on my 2000 v6
  2. I developed an extreme lower end knock on the way home from work back in december fallowed by stalling instantly when not on the gas. From what i gather I've spun a bearing. Im looking to do a complete rebuild and maybe bore it out a little? Im looking for a little more NA power without spending ten grand. Opinions on rebuild kits? I also remember reading something about ford small block pistons that are compatible?
  3. just uploaded one to my garage. Sorry the ol girl is dirty, shes been sitting since december... think i spun a bearing and Im looking into maybe having a motor built.
  4. I have a 00 626. I bought tokico blues for a 93-97 and sprint lowering springs for the mx6. I think it came out perfect, with the front sitting slightly lower.
  5. So do you think I could find a split valve that can take cololant in but let air out as well? Sorry I didn't help much and only added questions.
  6. I had to get one just recently because I was losing so much coolant. I went with a weapon r universal one, the only problem was it onle had two fittings: one bottom feed and the other was the overlow tube. I didn't know if it would hurt not having an overflow tube so I just went with it and everything is working fine so far. I kind of ghetto fabbed it so the overflow tube goes into the top feet hose coming from the engine. However this tube is easily removable and you can replace it with a nipple type fitting, I just haven't found the time with school and what not. It also only cost me 55 shipped Weapon r resevoir
  7. I installed my guage lights a little while back and crossed the wires for the sway button. Ever since they don't work as well as the selector buttons on the heater. I just replaced the heater control unit so I know its not that. I've come to the conclusion that the sway button and the select buttons have a different fuse and its blown but the sway is not listed by itself before I just go the process of elimination rout I figured I give a quick hollar on here. Anybody know? Thanks again guys, Guy
  8. I know this thread is from way back but I just was wondering why you would pay for those when you can get these:corksport I put just the shifter side ones in and it almost elimated all play.
  9. Sweet! its like everything gay you can buy off ebay all on one site!
  10. Ok well I haven't seen stock sized alluminum pulleys for my car. The only ones I see are underdrive. I read that the honda guys think that they destroy there oil pump or something but unorthodox says that is crap and those pumps are doomed to fail anyway. It also says harmonic balance isn't an issue because its located behind the pully and not connected in any way.
  11. Anybody done this and had trouble with harmonic balance? seems like a good idea unless were prone for disaster. Also stumbled on this load of bull when I was looking for more info and it blew my mind. I almost registered so I could scream ding dongs!
  12. Name: Mazda 626 (2000) Date Added: 07 January 2011 - 09:33 AM Owner: celicaeater626 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  13. So I've looked everywhere for mx-6 seats and they are pretty much non existant online.. I think my only choice would be to find them in a junkyard around here but I doubt that's going to happen considering its like catching a glimpse of big foot if you see and mx-6 on the roads in maine. It would be nice to find them in a junkyard so i could make a deal and swap my leather seats so I don't pay an arm and a leg. Don't think anybody can help me on this one I'm just pissing and moaning I guess.
  14. yeah thats the one. They have the glow gauges for the 93-97s everywhere so it shouldn't be a problem although I know nothing about auto or not.
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