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    98' Mazda 626 LX i4 atx
  1. slammed6two6

    Interchangeable Parts From 93-97 To A 98

    thanks a bunch
  2. i just bought another 98 626. i dont want to put coilovers on this one so im going with just springs and struts.i think this has been covered but none of the answers are direct and i want to be 100% sure before i order them. http://www.slickcar.com/productdetails.asp?ProductID=1674 will these fit my 98? they seem to get the most drop_2" but they are made for the 93-97 models and not the 98 thanks for your help.
  3. slammed6two6

    Just Changed The Oil

    put a cap of atf in the oil. helps a lot.
  4. slammed6two6

    Brake Light Malfunction

    i had this same problem awhile ago. the wire running from my brake light switch was shorted so i ran a jumper wire. fixed the brake lights issue but still no cruise.
  5. slammed6two6

    Parting Out 1998 Mazda 626 Lx

    my question is how the airbags didn't go off with an impact like that.....wooowww
  6. slammed6two6

    C280 (w202) Vs 325i (e35)

    e36. no such thing as e35. what engine do you have in your C? because stock for stock the 2.5L in the BMW will beat both the 2.3 and the 2.8 mercedes engines. around the same horsepower but the BMW is like 500 lbs lighter. like 350 lbs if it was a convertible. Not talkin crap about your benz tho just curious.
  7. slammed6two6

    Brake Lights Not Working...help

    thanks for the wiring diagram and the tips. I had a short from when I removed the remote start/alarm. The brake light switch output to the tail-lights wire was frayed and I'm guessing was coming into contact with the surrounding metal maybe grounding it out. Anyways, wrapped it up and now they work fine. Easy fix. Thanks again.
  8. slammed6two6

    Brake Lights Not Working...help

    hey all. 98 lx i4 atx Ok so yesterday I get pulled over. Cop tells me my brake lights are out. No ticket thankfully. Anyways so i get home and sure enough all three are out. Bulbs are fine. Actually had an extra brand new brake light switch so i tossed that in to see if it would clear up. No such luck. Has anybody dealt with this are can give me an idea of where to start? Everything else works. Daytime running lights, reverse lights, headlights, turn signals. Just no brakes. It's killing me cuz I have to drive around my wife's bug. I tested the brake light switch plug and I have power there. I guess I should check if I have power at the rear but I figured it obvious I didn't otherwise they would light up. Also, I tried a search and couldn't really find anything related. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. p.s. if you have a wiring diagram that'd be awesome!
  9. slammed6two6

    Cv Problem...

    guarantee he only replaced the boot. if you get clicking when you turn the joint itself is bad. at this point it needs to be replaced. both of mine were shot. bought the whole cv axle for both sides. easy fix. most of the time i steer clear of the boot rebuild kits anyway. they're messy and take longer than just replacing the axle. i do everything myself so the extra 60 bucks is worth it for me. saves time and guarantees i wont get that clicking again. hope this helps. btw, you need to get your money back.
  10. slammed6two6

    Sputtering On Accel

    hey everyone. i also have a 98 w/ 126k and cd4e tranny. Mine was sputtering on acceleration as well. Replaced the TPS (throttle positioning sensor) and cleared right up. Got it from my local junkyard w/ a warranty for 7 bucks. Autozone and the like will ask well over 100$ for this so be forewarned. Just a thought.
  11. slammed6two6

    2001 Speaker Harnesses, Aftermarket Antenna?

    best buy, circuit city, any independent sounds shop...
  12. slammed6two6

    Removing Door Guards

    i gotta 98 626. I want to take the door guards off but i'm not sure how the edge will be. The paint isnt faded or anything but i'm afraid of the difference in the color if you get what i'm saying. Anybody done it on black one? How'd it turn out?
  13. slammed6two6

    Alternator Upgrade

    i'm an installer for best buy. just recently picked up a 98 626 i4 atx. not doin a whole lot to it. just slammed it, tint, and now the system. I have two JL1000.1 amps and two JLw7 13.5" subs in a 4 cubic ft. box. Now i've read some of the other posts on here about people putting w7's and RF p3's and type-r's and such. The factory alternator on my car i believe is an 80 amp. With 2000 watts RMS drawin 166 amps of power (wattage divided by 12= amperage) somehow i think thats gonna destroy my alternator. that doesn't include my 4-channel but that doesnt draw much amperage. a capacitor wont do anything due to the fact it only opposes a change in voltage. So one, how have you installed your high wattage systems without a alternator upgrade and two, where can a 200+amp alternator for my car? I'm only basic MECP certified so I dont know all there is so if someone could enlighten me that'd be great. Thanks.