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  1. My car is going on 260 000+ km and its still runs...well to an extent. I mean you do hear the suspension creaking sometimes, the throttle response not as strong. Only thing really wrong is the loud tapping noise coming from the engine. I've tried the engine flushes on the v6, changing oil a couple times still not a viable solution either. I've had many great years with the 6 and it has proved to be an extremely reliable platform. Which is a bit odd considering the v6 is Ford sourced.
  2. hey everyone, its definately been too long since my last post. Anyways, quick question I've been noticing this problem for a while. When the engine is cold or first started after sitting parked for a while. I hear pretty loud ticking noise coming from the engine. I popped the hood open and noticed the sound coming from beneath the valve cover. *This sound only occurs in the lower RPMs, idle so 1.5k to around 2000 something rpm. Once higher in the rpm band the ticking sound goes away. Everytime the transmission switches gears and the rpms drop back down ticking occurs again *sound is louder when engine is cold and becomes quieter as car warms up. I've brought this up with other mazda626 drivers and this seems to be a concern in many cases with owners. Has anyone experienced this problem in their cars and know of any possible solutions? Is it low quality petrol/gasoline? since its a higher mileage would 10W30 or a more viscous engine oil help? or is my car just old and showing signs of aging? Cheers thanks in advanced guys
  3. heres the mod list (power perf mods only) - Bosch Platinum 4s spark plugs - NGK spark plug wires - HKS style grounding wires all around connected to battery terminal - 2 1/4 cat back exhaust piping - 2 1/4 inlet straight through design Vibrant dtm muffler - 3 inch intake with K&N filter usual 5W30, this would be running on 89 octane
  4. mazda6

    626 In Calgary

    hey guys. its me again. haven't been on this forum for what seemed like ages. anyways, is everyone still around and kicking? haha I've been seeing a gold 626 lowered with rims, Don't tell me why I know this , but have a klze under the hood. that lives around the SANDSTONE NW area.. is that anyone here?
  5. I've had my performance exhaust installed for over a year or so. And I thought I would just leave some feedback for all you 6 drivers who are curious about the results. At first you'll be annoyed at the overall "drooning" sound that resonates as a result of our kl03 v6's. Dont' get me wrong, there are improvements to performance in terms of a faster feel and greater acceleration, but this all occurs at higher revs...aka anything over 3k rpm. As a result gas consumption bites the dust. I don't know about the current owners with their exhaust done up, but I found that going up hills are just hopeless. With the exhaust and air intake done, its pretty much torqueless in comparison to the stock factory setup. don't plan on blazing up a steep hill at low rpms, or high rpms for that matter. bottom end torque overall suffers at low rpms. However, what I have learned from the exhaust, is how to better control my throttle. with the stock setup I just pretty much, put foot down, lift foot kind of deal. With the exhaust, you can hear exactly how much pedal you're putting down via the sound coming from the muff. Definately have a new appreciation for the car, but practicality not very good. You have more than 2 people in the car, and the exhaust begins to lose its appeal. Anyways, drop by for a reply. I'm curious about the other driver's opinions. It's been a couple years since I was a regular here @ mazda626.net it's good to be back. cheers B)
  6. check your stablizer links. might be worn or completely separated. Happened to me and just got it fixed. its inexpensive to fix. Don't worry its nothing urgent you have to fix or anything
  7. the AWD turbo mazda 6 you guys were referring to will only be available in Europe. yea too bad. this side of the shores gets shafted once again
  8. my mistake i didn't read your post clearly. sounds good. that kind of setup will work out. get back to us when you get that project on the way. i'm curious how it works out for yah just curious? turbo style??? not straight through. so is it the style that goes through v shaped metal metal walls.. ahh cant describe it this type???
  9. if you wanted to do 2.5 piping all the way from cat back or directly from the header back. you'll alrdy notice bottom end torque lost. And if you add dual exhaust in the process(im assuming straight through design muffs) then that'll even make it worse. that set up you're referring to is good for high speeds. but telliing from experience. jus with my 2.5 piping and muffler 2.5. going up hills will burn ur gas! and that DROONING noise from the muffler jus gets damn annoying after a while. Its less strain on your engine for sure, but requires more gas. thats my 2 cents
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