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  1. protegechris

    How In The Heck To Check The Mtx Fluid Level?

    How do I go about changing out the fluid?
  2. I feel like an utter noob here, but I can't find where to check the tranny fluid level on my 98 mtx..
  3. protegechris

    Clutch/tranny Issues? Help Me Out Here..

    Over the last few days, I've noticed that if the motor is fully warmed up, the clutch will disengage when I press it down (And sometimes it won't fully disengage and will grind).. but if the weather is cold... and sometimes, just randomly.. I can press the clutch maybe halfway down, and it will fully disengage. Possible that this is the slave/master cylindeR?
  4. protegechris

    Grinding Gears..

    I wanted to update this and add... the car is doing weird things.. today I downshifted to second gear and hit the gas pedal and noticed the tach shot up. I went for the clutch and noticed it was stuck almost all the way to the floor. I get it home.. get out of the car, and hear a fast rotating like grind sound.. and sure enough.. it slows.. slows.. stops. This is after I've killed the car and gotten out, mind you. It was coming from the engine bay, if I can reproduce it.. I'll be able to tell if it's a fan or something in the motor..
  5. protegechris

    Grinding Gears..

    My car is very moody. Shifting feels very different at different temperatures. A lot of the time, the car will almost REFUSE to go into first gear unless you're shifting into it while rolling. Third and more recently fifth gears will grind a bit when you engage them (I can feel it in the shifter but can't hear it).. What would cause symptoms like this?
  6. protegechris

    Warping Dash

    Anything I can do aside from replacing the whole thing (which isn't going to happen.. ) just above the radio area it has come upwards a bit from the plastic bezels. sadface.
  7. protegechris

    License Plate Lights..

    Thanks. Didn't wanna seem retarded, but didn't want to break anything either. The whole thing can just be wedged out.. the bulbs in the 98 626 LX were 194.. and the assembly itself says to replace the entire thing rather than the bulb. I needed a quick fix --- the bulbs are soldered onto the base. I used a screwdriver to break these connections and remove the existing bulbs. I then took the new 194 bulb and extended the metal contacts from it straight down, inserted the bulb, and used the screwdriver to attach the metal contacts to the actual contacts on the assembly. I figured someone else might want that information --- it is possible
  8. protegechris

    License Plate Lights..

    bump. no screws on the housing and i don't see a way to remove the assembly itself..
  9. protegechris

    License Plate Lights..

    Both of mine are out -- just noticed this tonight. Are these 168 like the rest of the little bulbs around the car? Also --- I couldn't tell how you access them.. haha, it's pitch black.. go light on the negative comments for my idiocy.
  10. protegechris

    Overheating? 98' Lx

    Sure enough, it was low on coolant. I filled it up and it hasn't happened since. I went ahead and bought a tstat too, for if it does happen again. What I don't understand is where it could be leaking to --- I have never seen a drop of liquid on my motor/leaking.. and it doesn't smoke any..
  11. protegechris

    Overheating? 98' Lx

    My temp gauge is usually to the lefto f the middle.. tonight in 4th gear at 40mph, it moved 3/4 of the way to the right. I hit the pedal and it immediately went back down to the normal spot. It did it once more under the same circumstances. The air from the vents is warm at best, on full blast, even when the gauge reports it overheating. Is this a water pump issue? Thermostat? What do you guys think?
  12. I had missed the step about cutting the remote amp wire. My bad! All worked well after that.. not using an LLC.. but I don't notice any noise or difference in sound quality, to be honest.
  13. protegechris

    Clutch/tranny Issues? Help Me Out Here..

    You'll have to forgive my ignorance about the slipping into neutral. Honestly, this is my second 5-speed, I guess I just never noticed they would do that. When I push it.. it's kind of like a crack/pop sound.. three times or so going down and then the same coming back up. It might be temperature related on the fluids (Which I'll check tomorrow) as I can't notice it doing it when it's cold. I can FEEL it in the pedal.. but I can only hear it from the engine bay when I'm up next to a wall (or being extremely quiet.. lol)
  14. I've noticed two strange things lately on my 626lx (1998).. when I'm at a stop.. say at a drive through.. when I press the clutch.. I can audibly hear 3 click (And feel) as I push in / let off of my clutch.... I've felt that for a week or so.. and now: I'm driving.. as I usually do.. about to shift.. my hand bumped the shifter and it went into neutral from fourth with no resistance. I played around a bit and noticed I can only do this in 3rd/4th while I am not pushing the gas pedal. Is this normal!?
  15. protegechris

    Issue With Suspension..?

    While I'm not sure what could be causing all of this, I will add in that whenever my tires spin freely when my car is jacked up or lifted, they are silent if I spin 'em by hand. Replaced the wheel bearings (both front) and now all is well