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    1981, 626, 2L/13b soon, auto
  1. yeah i know there are a few people wanting to do it, my plan is to do it over a couple of years, so maybe fabrication mounts wont be to much hassle, thats for the info anyway there is a prime 13b on ebay at the moment too, i dont have the cash to bid but its worth a look
  2. ok so i have a mazda 626 81 rwd auto at the moment with a 2.0L MA engine (australian spec) my project for this car was to upgrade the engine, my dream would be to drop a 13b rotary into it, probably a rx7 s1, with the transmission too, but my problem is i dont have the time or skills to manufacture engine mounts for it, i was wondering if it was a straight swap would it fit/ if not anyone have any info about any other engines with power which fit easily? i've seen a few rx626 81's so i know its possible i just cant find anything on the process any post would be helpful or email my home ema
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