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  1. Use some 15W-40 diesel oil for an oil change... thicker oil will quiet the valves and running it for an oil change interval should clean out a lot of the gunk in the motor.
  2. I've been using Rotella 5W-40 in my Honda's (Odyssey and Accord) for a while now. Seems like good stuff. It seems to get dark quick (I think it's a little dark right out of the bottle) but from what others have said about the numbers, it's good stuff. Some of the cheapest synthetic around, but seems to be going up last time I bought a couple of gallons.
  3. Never have used an other oil so I cannot compare. It's a 5 speed... I used to track every tank for the longest time and got 30mpg (within 1/2 mpg everytime) with mixed driving to and from work. I've got as high as 35, but usually 30 catches it. It's unreal how consistant the mileage is... if there is 330 miles on the trip counter, I'm 99% sure I'll get about 11 gallons in that tank! Like I said, a great little car.
  4. 15W-40 diesel engine oil. Have used since I got the car with 40K miles. It's going to flip 211K on the next tank of gas and it runs perfect! Quietest engine I've ever heard with that many miles. I extend those changes too... between 6-8K no problem. (longer sometimes, but not proud of that) Might use 1/2 quart in that many miles, but oil pan gasket leaks and I suspect that is were I lose most of that 1/2 quart. That car will be the first one to start when it's below zero. (northern Ohio) (original starter too) Best car I've ever owned.... no doubt.
  5. How are the tires on this car? Matching? Rims or hub caps?
  6. Where are you located in Michigan? I'm down here near Toledo. Thanks, Jeff
  7. On my 1995 it was below the air box, mounted to the top of my transmission. Kind of a booger to get to, but once you get the stuff out of the way the job doesn't take long. I had more of a time getting the speed sensor popped out of it's hole than anything else.
  8. Interesting... so without sending that dist. back to the company I bought it from, how would I check it locally?
  9. 1995 5 speed, 2.0 4 cyl w/ 205K. Car died.... thought it was the distributor. It was under lifetime warranty... replaced it myself 3 years ago (50K miles) they tested and said indeed it was bad (coil) . They sent me a new one, installed it and car still does not get any spark. I think it's the crank position sensor, but not sure where that's located. I do most of the work on the car myself... even if that's not it, I'm still saving money by doing these repairs in logical steps. I'm not real keen on testing electrical stuff, so I'm kind of stuck! Thanks in advance for any advice! Jeff in Ohio
  10. Get ready to replace your distributor. My original one did the same thing... it would have those symtoms maybe once a month, then it would jerk during acceleration maybe once a week, then once a day, then one day it stalled and didn't restart. New distributor... ran like a charm again. Your never going to believe this, but last week my 2nd dist. died after 53K miles (3 years) . I got it on Ebay from Distributor King (lifetime warranty - make sure to keep everything that came with it) The car is sitting right now waiting for them to test it and send me a replacement. (203K miles now) EXACT same symtoms as the first time. Once it starts acting that way, they lasted 4-6 weeks then they quit working. Very easy job to replace, just make sure you mark your spark plug wires so they go on the correct way on the dist. Good luck. Jeff
  11. 1995 LX 5 speed. Bought in '97 w/ 41K miles. 192K miles. NO engine problems, still have orig. clutch. Have been using 15W-40 diesel oil since we got it... doesn't burn a drop between changes (usually change between 6 - 10K miles) I wonder how many on here have more miles on original clutch? Easily one of the best cars I've ever owned. Would set cruise on 80mph and drive across the country today. No kidding. I get 30-31 mpg on just about every tank... a little higher on low speed trips.
  12. Been losing fluid pretty regular for about 2 months. I top it off once it starts to squeel... about every 200 miles. Decided I better get it looked at. A very trusted Mazda mechanic in our area says the whole rack is shot and leaking from both ends. His estimate was approx. $1,100. (1/2 labor, 1/2 parts) The car has almost 200K and I said that's a lot to put in that car... he laughed and said "$1,100 can buy a bunch of steering fluid!" I agreed and picked the car back up tonight. Is there any way for me to disconnect to pump so it doesn't squeel once all the fluid runs out? My thought is that somehow I would have to find a shorter belt, or... place the power steering pulley on a greasable bearing and just let it spin? Thanks for the help guys. Jeff in Ohio
  13. Thank you very much! I will tackle this week and report back. Jeff
  14. Speedometer has been acting up... works sometimes, sometimes it doesn't. I'm sure it's the vss... before I order this and tear into the car, can anyone give me an exact location? Thanks all. Jeff
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