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  1. 1980 Mazda 626 $2500

    Coupe for sale. No engine no tranny. Fresh interior new paint. $2500. Set up for rotary
  2. 1982 Mazda 626

    Thanks Phil. If I won the lottery I would gladly send it to you. You have been an imence help in all my 626 pursuits
  3. 1982 Mazda 626

    Looking to sell or trade my 82. It's automatic with 49k power everything. Great little cruiser. Just recently replaced ALL suspension components. New King lowering springs with kyb struts and mounts up front as well as energy suspension end links and new lower control arms. Out back new kyb struts and King springs. Car rides proper! Looking to trade for a first gen rx7. No basket cases please. I'm in Bklyn NY. USA. Car is brown with original paint. Shines and looks good from 5 feet. Head gasket replaced and de-sniffed engine bay for simplicity. About 6k on new head gasket.
  4. Performance Rear Shocks

    Ahhh gotcha. I will try Phil
  5. Performance Rear Shocks

    Ahhh gotcha. I will try Phil
  6. Performance Rear Shocks

    Oh yeah I have 2 sets of those already
  7. Performance Rear Shocks

    I recently stumbled across a set of new old stock koni red adjustable front struts. I scooped them up immediately and have been actively searching for a rear application. Are there any other options? I.e. Do any shocks from another car fit our rears?
  8. 1980 626 Rubbers On Chrome Bumpers

    I will get those pics for you
  9. 1980 626 Rubbers On Chrome Bumpers

    I would love to do this bumper conversion of my brown car doesn't sell. They look so much better with metal bumpers.
  10. My New '80 Coupe

    Here are some teaser shots from the shop. I have yet to see the car in person. I pick it up this weekend.
  11. My New '80 Coupe

    That's it Phil. Can't thank you enough.
  12. My New '80 Coupe

    Some more pics (upside down and backwards of course) from the body shop. There is a couple of picks in there where we took the wiper cowl off. Wow what a mess of wet and smelly leaves. It's a must once a year to pull this off and hit it with a little compressed air
  13. My New '80 Coupe

    Progress is being made...teaser shot!
  14. My New '80 Coupe

    She went off to the body shop this weekend. I will be checking up on her in a week or so....this is an exciting process!
  15. New To Forum And 626's

    Nice car. Welcome to the forums!