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  1. That's an awesome story! I know cars are just transportation or a financial burden to non enthusiasts, but I think it becomes what you want it to be. And for a lot of us they're practically a living memory machine.
  2. Nice progress man! That is a sweet shop, is that where you work?
  3. I seriously wish all forums used a CDN like we're lucky enough to have. Lots of other car forums are graveyards now, just a shell of what used to be useful. I have successfully used the Way Back Machine to sort of get around ****bucket's desperate EA-style grab for money, but sometimes the archived pages don't have all the pictures. As far as mounting it with the trans attached, I think that's what the side mounting option is designed for, but that's a heck of a lot of weight cantilevered out with the entire long block and trans hanging out there off a couple bolts on one side of the bl
  4. Hey man, good to know you're still kicking. The V6 mounts with the trans bell housing bolts, or there's a way to do it on the side, too. I think I talked to Zepticon about it, there's a picture in the FSM, or something. You'd need an adapter plate if I remember correctly. Too true about removing things from your life that don't add value. I stopped going on Facebook years ago and I realized not only did I not miss it, but I was far happier without it. Edit: if you want, remind me in a few days and I'll take a picture of my KL on the stand for you to show you how it mounts. Ou
  5. Up next to the date of the post you'll notice a link, 'Report post'. Just hit that, and it'll send us an email to get it taken care of!
  6. Man, from the title I thought someone got you. Five bucks says they were on their phone.
  7. I did the MMO on my 626, something like 250 miles before the oil change. I couldn't believe the difference, it totally stopped the lifters from ticking. It actually came back shortly after I changed the oil. I didn't continue trying it, as I was dubious of what was in the MMO and what it was doing to different seals and such. Man, that turn signal issue sounds like a fun one... I can't even think what would cause that.
  8. Are antique plates different than historical plates? I know in Ohio at least they don't seem to be enforced much. One guy I knew DD'd his BMW Bavaria for over a year with historical plates and no issue. I can't think if I remembered you getting a 3 or not. Another friend bought the same car at the same time, lol.
  9. Is this still your current DD, or has it been sitting for a while?
  10. Another awesome update! Have you tried POR-15? I just used it for the first time on the drum on a Warn winch I'm rebuilding, and I am impressed with the finish so far. Not sure how it holds up over time. It's a crazy number of steps, between sandblasting (not required, but I hate rust), degreasing, metal prep coating (zinc converter), the POR-15 itself, then the top coat for UV resistance. How do you like the Miata so far?
  11. RPF1s are awesome, they just dent easily on the street. Hopefully the tracks you run don't have potholes! If it were me, I'd stick with the narrower tire. I would think it'd be challenging to get enough heat into 245s with the weight of your car, plus running a 215 or 225 on the 8" wheel will stiffen up the sidewall. Save weight, save cost.
  12. I remember this was an issue on the later Proteges too, which very well may have received a later variant of that ZE intake manifold. I don't remember what the fix was, but I know some of my friends just gutted their butterfly assemblies. Very impressive numbers on the dyno. Dynojets are known to run a bit higher than others, but those are very solid numbers. IIRC a stock KLDE is around 140-145whp. I am surprised at the HP gain, especially since the FS in stock trim is a traditional undersquare setup with more tq than hp. That must be fun in that car.
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