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  1. creepy its like looking at mine again when i was at stock height with black wheels lol.
  2. got my cat back redone and also baught awr poly mounts cant wait for the nice weather to come around so i can go nuts and mod my car alittle.
  3. angle grinder. dont do it though, rode good for like 2 weeks lol. i currently got B&g lowering springs with kyb gr2 struts with 96 escort front strut mounts (drops the front half an inch) you need to bore out the strut hole alittle.
  4. no i had crown vic/ grand marquis wheels. mono has enkei 92's
  5. dude me too, wish i wasent the only on e around here.
  6. i actually got them in yesterday. i was surprised how fast they came in, next i gotta get a valve cover gasket set and install them. did you add yours yet?
  7. since your area for some reason seems to have more hard to find parts available, wanna find me a mx6 trunk spoiler like the one you have?
  8. thanks bud. I still think im the only one with them. im gonna try to make clear housing over the summer, i got this idea from this dude on a sho forum to use the gts headlight covers and mold them into our housings. gonna be a good amount of work but gonna be so worth it. OOOORR ebay can just make clear headlights lol. they make them for chevy luminas but not out cars
  9. so update redoing my cat back, might do a test pipe. baught the jay racing thermo spacers, also saving up for a megasquirt ecu. No more crown vic wheels was sick of the rubbing probably gonna get fc bbs vert wheels. So far thats about it. Heres some vids of my exhaust before i add in a magnaflow 26" res and a obx forza muffler.
  10. i needa get my hands on the mx6 lip spoiler. but they are no where around here. i have never seen a mx6 with one.
  11. man i wish my M editions were that clean
  12. yah i know i need to since i tried to put them on my red 626 years ago but with utter faliure. with some light boreing they will fit. i just wish i could find a pic of one with them on it.
  13. how hard was it to actually install the 5th gear?
  14. yah thats a big difference. you should be at 60 mph at 3k and 70 at like 3600 rpm. buess i needa find a 4 cyl and change that out.
  15. Dude I'm so gonna do that then. At 70 you'd be at 3500
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