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  1. Safari Browser

    Welcome to the darkside I use Safari on my Mac's @ home and firefox as its backup. Here on my Linux/Windows PC at work its Safari/Firefox as well. We have found internally that web development with our intranet site (php driven) is far less troublesome with Safari over Firefox, what version and or issues do you speak of?
  2. Need Headlamp Bulbs...

    I bought the Silverstar Ultras and am disappointed in their light output and I know that their longevity is 1/4-1/3 of their OEM counterpart. I wish I would have purchased the OSRAM Nightbreakers ..... which I will once these bulbs go out.
  3. Were Back Online!

    Someone forget to pay the bills ..... or did someone trip over the Ethernet cable and forgot to plug it back in?
  4. A/c Update

    True .... gonna keep checking it periodically tho.
  5. A/c Update

    Still strong, no leaks as the pressure is sticking to the same PSI as last week.
  6. A/c Update

    Purchased a R134a recharge kit from AutoZone south of the border in IL for $40.00. Found out I had zero refrigerant in the system, checked things and recharged it and holding steady with pressure and everything is now working great! If it was due to a leak, it was very very slow .... however I think somehow that the system was emptied as I am not detecting any leaks thus far.
  7. How Do You Discharge The Ac System?

    So when you discharge the system, its 100% empty and you can remove the service valves correct. Also once completely empty the system will take 1lb 11oz., so that would be a little more than two 12 oz. cans correct?
  8. Based on a previous thread, I think I am going to go try this first. Calling around I found out that the actual schrader valves (from the dealer) are welded to the A/C lines and that the only thing thats removable are the schrader valve inserts (the threaded part). Calling around NAPA has them for $0.62 each and they can be installed with any standard schrader valve tool (for lets say from a bike tire kit). Sound right cause this seems too cheap and too easy!
  9. So Obama Is The Nominee GOP fears Barr could spoil McCain's bid ATLANTA (AP)
  10. Gutting My Catalytic Converter

    Gutting the cat will do nothing to improve your MPG, if you think so post factual evidence.
  11. Gutting My Catalytic Converter

    Emission related problems primarily. Gutting the cat on my Tiburon has led to many problems with primarily with the 02 sensors thus leading to an inefficient engine that idles rough and sucks more gas. Some cars have problems with back pressure and exhaust valve issues when most of the back pressure is removed, its rare but happens.
  12. Gutting My Catalytic Converter

    Gutting your cat can also create more problems and is illegal. You should look into a free flow CatCo replacement for about $50.00
  13. How Do You Discharge The Ac System?

    I thought it was just a catch connected thought the service ports that throws it into an empty canister. Paying close attention to your stuff as I am in the same position and need to do my A/C myself.
  14. So Obama Is The Nominee

    Yes, I know there is a low amount of support for Independents and the 3rd parties. The only thing I was pointing out was that the view points/opinions/issues/etc for the average American line more with other political parties and or deserve to be independently affiliated versus their devoted love for the democrat/republican parties. Just saying that people need to get a bit more involved and educated ..... I guess everyone thinks they already know As you say here .... we have a problem and more and more as time goes on we find ourselves choosing from the "lesser of two evils". These "evils" were selected by the general population of their respective party. Instead of pointing fingers at everyone as to why we keep getting in this same situation, I once again blame the general population for this reoccurring issue as they fail to get educated on the topic (politics) and read past the news headlines about the politicians in question (candidates). Its all about continuing education and making wise decisions when choosing your elected officials as what they do will affect you every day.
  15. Yes, I was sure on that. I need help one the cause of why its not working ... I think I have enough info but any other ideas would be welcome. Last I need to find a kit online with two cans of refrigerant .... any help on finding one?