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  1. Hey Leev, as another MS6 owner I'll throw in my 2 cents in for ya! Mine decided to break down on me this weekend. 83k miles, engine just shuts off with no warning while I was cruising at about 40mph. Apparently the friction washers that hold the crankshaft timing gear in place have failed, so I'm looking at anywhere from having a timing chain replacement to engine rebuild (depending on if my pistons and valves decided to get together and party ) Notice the FRICTION WASHERS. I'm perhaps a novice, but why on earth would the engineers decide that was a good idea. Anyhow, I'll let you know how t
  2. Back in the Mazda community! Its been almost a year without me having a Mazda (aka too long) Pics soon, but a speed6 had my name on it
  3. I like the whole direct injection setup enough that I don't mind all the extra electric parts of the system. Ever since I saw the speed6, and learned a little about it, I've wanted it. I like having something a little different, so that is also a plus for me! I'm blown away by how good those prices you guys have been seeing are! I had a chance a couple months ago, when I think there were 3 speed6 for sale here in the bay area, but I wasn't ready to buy one just yet. Everytime one pops up for sale, its gone in 2 days or less, which drives me crazy lol.
  4. I think alot of comes down to having the proper mounting for said restraints. For example, if you dont have a solid mounting poin for a HANS system, or the 5 point harness, those systems are are ineffective. From what I've seen of HANS setups, they require a sturdy mounting solidity that is only really made possible by a roll cage. The combination, helmet, HANS, 5+ point harness, AND roll cage are all reasons that race drivers walk away from horrendous crashes more often then not.
  5. I've set my sights on a Mazdapseed6 now. Its too hard to find one, but I'm looking hard all around central Florida. If I had space, I'd still have my 626, or maybe get another
  6. I miss Mazdas, I've grown to loathe Hondas more than ever haha (Mostly related to my seemingly cursed Accord)
  7. Name: Mazda 626 LX (1999) Date Added: 16 February 2010 - 06:20 PM Owner: 626ofAll Short Description: Sold her... Sad day that was! View Vehicle
  8. Ok, so I know we have all dreamt of this idea off and on, but I was speechless when I saw someone actually doing it! http://www.driftworks.com/forum/drift-car-projects-builds/190550-n-mazda-626-rwd-conversion-brazil.html I need a moment to pick my jaw up off the floor haha! AS much as I love the idea, I'm still not feeling inclined to try it myself. I was even more stunned to see the choice of engine haha, I shant spoil that one for those of you who want a good read.
  9. Now that I own a Honderp I can add my 2 cents worth haha. First off, let me say I didn't set out to own one. I had driven an Accord coupe before, and it was quite nice, so I figured if I saw one I would buy it. Second, what I really wanted was a Mazda6, but in 5 months of looking I saw just one with decent miles, a manual trans, and under 10k price tag. That one turned out to be burning oil at 67k miles, so I figured I'd better not look further into it. Ok, backstroy over! Off the top of my head I'll list a few pros and cons that come to mind. pros: Hondas are everywhere, which is great if
  10. Thanks man! I want to do a little degrease and clean up so that it is uber spiffy. I kinda don't want to sell it. I just don't have a place to keep it Its come in handy as backup for my honderp so far though! That saga I will write up soon, you guys will get chuckle out of it!
  11. I like the sounds of this! I live in Tampa now, so I'd like to meet up too if possible!
  12. I was!!! I was going to take my Honderp out for a spin, but I didn't (beacuse of an obnoxious cockroach in the car, and that my insurance for it wasn't valid yet) I'm thinking this was meant to happen! o.O
  13. Last saturday I was out on highway 19 in New Port Richey, and I saw it! I pulled up next to it at an intersection. I didnt have time to get a photo, but I saw it! It turned across the intersection and bottomed out in a showe of sparks, but I didn't try to follow it.
  14. I am asking 2500, but i'm willing to make a deal for any of our members. This spoiler was added on to my car later, but it has to be a 5th gen factory spoiler. All the mx6 spoilers I've seen are much more curved and have 3 mounting points instead of 2.
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