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  1. Me again, looking for the brackets and tensioner to add ac to my engine, if I remember correctly the alternator is at the top then the ac pump the the power steering. My car has the alternator then the power steering pump
  2. Where can I find the shifter bushing mine is loose, also the bolts for the rear calipers, one of mine came out.
  3. vectra_soundz

    1986 Mazda 626 gc turbo

    what issues are you getting?
  4. vectra_soundz

    Standard Turbo

    Seems like it is time to clean up the old girl, one of the members has a part I can get, been 4 years, wow!
  5. vectra_soundz

    Still Got This Part Out... '86 Gc Hb

    Hey, do you have the gearbox?
  6. vectra_soundz

    Fe Gearbox

    Ive been trying so hard *sigh* thinking about trying the Mitsubishi gearbox
  7. vectra_soundz

    Fe Gearbox

    Hi guys, I've been hunting for a while now for a bell housing for a FE gearbox, I remember chatting with someone on here years about that had one but the shipping was killer, at this point I just need one the car has just been sitting. Can any one help?
  8. vectra_soundz

    Wtb Bellhousing

    Hey guys looking for a bell housing with selector shafts, and clutch lever for cacble for a GC 626
  9. vectra_soundz

    Fe Gearbox

    thanks guys will see if I can find one closer
  10. vectra_soundz

    Fe Gearbox

    Can anyone help me find a housing? PLEASE and how much it would cost to ship to Barbados? HELP HELP
  11. vectra_soundz

    Fe Gearbox

  12. vectra_soundz

    Fe Gearbox

    the housing is cracked, was told it can be welded, finding Mazda gearboxes here is like a needle in a haystack honestly. Still havent found the motivation to open the box *sigh* stupid mistake!! Will try this weekend.
  13. vectra_soundz

    Fe Gearbox

    Ok guys, so the gearbox for my FE broke, does any one know of a different box that can fit? toyota or Hyundi?
  14. vectra_soundz

    Standard Turbo

    Ok so I got the part from Mr Tool and put the box back up, but wait..... I made a big ass boo boo, i started the car with out the axles in forgetting that the spider gears rotate, long story short one of the gears came out the back of the box, pulling it out to see if the box can be welded.... I'm having a string of bad luck