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  1. Happened to me recently- the connection becomes loose and creates heat. I was able to go to AutoZone and buy a new headlight socket. The brand is Dorman, part number 9003. It will look different than the original, but will work fine.
  2. Nice Car - I have an 01 626 v6, with 102,000 miles andstill going strong. For transmission, I drain and change the filter - no flush, and it still shifts so smooth. Also use NGK plugs and wires, and it runs great. I have owned it since new. Keep up on the maintenance and she will be good to you. For transmission fluiid, I use dex III. I tried Lubegard once and there was not a difference, so don't waste your money on additives.
  3. Sorry- fat fingered the part number- it is: KLG8-10-509. Good luck
  4. Not sure if you fixed your problem. But this little rubber cap is called a blind cap. I also have an 2001 626 v6. Mine went as well. As far as I know you can only get it from the dealer. The part number is KKLG8-10-59. I paid $7.21 for it in 2013.
  5. Same here. Mine leaked and I was able to jimmy them out with a small flathead screwdriver, then put em back in with some rtv sealant. Never leaked again
  6. Hi - I posted the original topic, and no, I never figured out the problem. Spent a lot of time and money trying to diagnose, and pouring over the internet. Had it to transmission shops, independent mechanics, and even the dealer. No one wanted to spend the time to diagnose. I guess a lot of headache with little payoff. I did remove the pcm, but the connections were fine, no grease on them. Never replaced the PCM because of the immobilizer. The car runs fine other than the delayed shift when cold, so I learned to live with it. Wish I had a happier ending to share. If you ever figure it out,
  7. Most definitely - buy a new one. Anything used from junkyard most likely will not last long, since it was subject to the same stresses
  8. Hi - I replace this part last year (May 213) on my 01 626 drivers side door. The part name is "door check". Can only order it from Mazda dealer if you can't find it in the junk yard or maybe Ebay. The Mazda part number is GD7A-58-270A. I had to remove the door panel and speaker to get behind it and remove it through the door. Was not a hard job. Good luck
  9. Thanks for confirming. I will leave the job to a professional
  10. Re: 2001 Mazda 626 v6. Hi All- The black weather stripping is starting to come up around the windshield. I bought a new weather strip but have never replaced one before. Does anyone know if the weather strip needs to be glued in or does it snap in? Advice greatly appreciate. Thanks
  11. Yes- I just replaced mine about 2 weeks ago on the drivers side. Wasn't hard. You do have to to remove the door panel and speaker to get behind the door checker, and pull it out through the speaker hole. The new one goes in the same way-through the speaker hole. I could only find the part at the dealer. I thnk it cost me about $15. Good luck.
  12. Hi - had the valve covers reaplaced on my 626 (2001, v6, 2.5). I think I still have some seepage from the back valve cover underneath the manifold. Is it possibe to unbolt the manifold and lift it just enough to torque the bolts underneath or do I need to remove the entire manifold? Thanks for the help.
  13. JeffMerr Do you add the transmission cooler? If so - did you see an improvement in performance?
  14. Thanks for the replys all. Yep, changed the fluid and filter, and also had someone change the valve body but no luck. I believe it is sensor related but no check engine light.
  15. I have an 01 626, V6 that delays the 2nd to 3rd shift when first starting the car. I hear some Mazda owners have the same issue. Any input on that? I worry about it as the car ages.
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