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  1. the rule is that amber can be tinted if it does not hamper the colour and luminosity. with reds no go as they dim really easy once you start tinting. however, how confident do you feel trying to explain that to a cop that is not sure what is legal/Vicroads/ADR approved, that should be your real question
  2. first things, this is a wrong section, this is technical issue so it is moving there. now the issue: check your Throttle body boot. also check if you have any vacuum leaks anywhere else. check if your VAF is plugged in properly. did the problem start after fitting the Cone filter?
  3. Please bae aware of the section your are posting to. you have a technical question that is not related to performance improvement (modification) you have LX (and if memory does not lie to me, that is with V6) hence it is a technical question about V6 626 so i will move it to proper section, technical V6 you might actually get an answer there :)
  4. in some markets GE model have came in as early as 90/91. does your motor look like this one?
  5. with 98 you have few options: * keep you FS 2.0 4-cyl EFI * K8 1.8 V6 EFI * KF 2.0 V6 EFI * KJ 2.3 V6 MillerCycle Supercharged * KL 2.5 V6 EFI hope that give you some food for thought
  6. that would be great, thank you for your love diesel6 :)
  7. here you go mate: http://carservicemanuals.blogspot.com/2008/06/mazda-626-1999-2002-service-manual.html also i have noticed that you have GF, i will pop this into right section for ya
  8. the jap 3.0 and European/us is not very different, you would be hard-pressed to find the differences. there is a huge problem with the the JE (3.0 L V6), it is a 90 degree motor and it does take up a lot of room (the deep heads don't help the situation either), most FWD V6s are 60 degree blocks for that reason. another problem with that motor is the iron block it is painfully heavy (great if you like under-steer), while its great for boosted applications (though the motor internals will not take much) boosting this motor is not easy (again especially with FWD)... plus the this is sort of nigh
  9. i used to have that issue when all of my mounts were shot on my old 626. however on my Luce (its RWD though) had that when castor arm bush wore out... have a look at your mounts. BTW.
  10. i think shaved is interesting, gives the car own character (have not seen one done like that before :))
  11. in Oz we didn't get much difference between the levels (unlike US). the GF/GW model did not have much in difference especially, we always get all included packages except some special VALUE models e.g. shades. in many cases the differences between these were free A/C, Different wheels, Free Driving Lights.....free floor mats..... things like that. basically in Oz what you will get with GF/GW range is, all electrics (apart from seats and folding mirrors), optional sunroof, optional driving lights, choice of wheels, optional A/C, optional manual box.... that's about it. the only thing that is
  12. thank you, saved just in case for the future.
  13. the manual was lost with the database issue we had on the forum.... once you have it, would be great if you could upload it for everyone
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