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  1. Just a quick search of ebay and i found a manifold for a side draft weber. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MAZDA-MA-NA-VC-SIDEDRAFT-WEBER-DCOE-MANIFOLD-626-B1800-/270618344414?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f021c3bde I am also keen to find out about your wheels. they look like the Rota items i am trying to get from the US. What size and offset are they?
  2. I got a manifold to suit a set of twin SU's that I had from my old mans Rover. Bought many years ago. No idea if they are still available anywhere. Engine mods on my old girl include; balancing, about 4.5 kg off the flywheel I recall, ported the head myself, extractors, bigger fuel pump as it used to starve, mild cam regrind. I am keen to try some circuit racing in the near future. Would love to hear what you have done to your MA
  3. justrite

    1980 Coupe

    Been driving these around for years. About to start on a rebuild from a shell. Always looking for cars. Would probably have a wiper cap I reckon. Cuurently on the Gold Coast.
  4. Hi guys and girls, newly joined the site although I have been driving a version of a Series1 626 coupe for around 15 years. Still have the original under the house and a new shell in the garage. Engine wise, breathing is the key but it also pays to remove a heap of weight from the flywheel. I had 4.5 kg shaved from mine and the vehicle will still pull from idle in high gears. Cam regrind also helped and I also found I needed a better fuel pump as the engine used to starve. Mind you I was running twin SU carbies sourced from teh old mans Rover collection. Mine has been balanced, head ported by myself and a decent exhaust fitted. Looking forward to getting the new shell painted and the old girl back on the road. I have learnt from forums that the coupes have a 50:50 weight baalance, now I know why they handle so well.
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