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    1997, 626 DX, 2.0, manual
  1. I noticed the last couple of days when I down shift at night the headlights will dim then when I hit the next gear they brighten back up, also when I down shift to stop sign and push clutch in and brake the car idles really low and stumbles but idles back up to normal and idles perfect and smooth when still. No stumbles or problems accelerating or at cruising speeds. Stopped at O'reilly's and had them check alternator and say its fine. Any ideas????????
  2. Pulled the rear wheels and the drum and pretty rusty removed all the loose rust and it is better, but looks like i need to do a rear brake job soon. and yes brakes felt fine.
  3. I've noticed this almost like a dragging grinding noise from the rear at first I thought it was coming from the trunk when driving at slow speeds, now I've noticed it backing up and sometimes sounds like something is dragging but nothing is hanging down that I can see? Any ideas???
  4. I didn't have the time messing around with it anymore or patience,and sick of paying $75.00 a week to fill my truck up with diesel. The mazda is in the shop and I will report what they find when it is completed
  5. Please post if you figure this out, having same issues
  6. yama

    Map Sensor???????

    Does anyone know where on this forum the cleaning of the MAF sensor is???? I tried a search and could not find, I came across one link but said no longer available.
  7. yama

    Tps Sensor Diognostics

    I was just following the Haynes manual of how I was to check
  8. yama

    Map Sensor???????

    thats what I thought but the guy at napa said MAP and I said no MAF???
  9. yama

    Map Sensor???????

    do our cars have a MAP sensor if so where would it be located?????
  10. trying to determine if TPS is good, have 5 volt checking reference to ground, back probe we are getting a -3 1/2 volts with throttle closed, when moving throttle fully open getting -.63 volts from back probing signal????? any thoughts??
  11. yama

    Poor Fuel Economy :o(

    When I bought my Mazda about 2 years ago the car ran great but also had terrible gas mileage, this might sound crazy but wheel bearings.
  12. yama

    Hesitating At Low Rpms/speed

    What I have noticed this problem only occurs when car warms up, when its still cold no hesitation at all runs like a top. But I did changed the plugs, and still the same problem only after it warms up.
  13. yama

    Hesitating At Low Rpms/speed

    So then let me ask you how often or how many miles before you do a tune up on your car? I drive this car a total of 20 miles a day just to work and back just during the week so roughly less than 10000 miles since the last tune up?
  14. yama

    Hesitating At Low Rpms/speed

    About a year and a half ago, wires, plugs, distributer cap, etc..
  15. I'm not sure whats going on so hoping someone can help, yesterday car started hesitating at low RPMs in all gears until up to cruising speed???? PS. seems to idle fine no issues there.