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  1. We like them REALLY LOW in the dub community Side skirts are the last exterior addition to the car, now everything just needs to be painted and will be done by the end of the month. Performance wise, it's a 1.8L Turbocharged 4 cyl engine, i have a Unitronic stage 2 chip, a short ram intake, turbo inlet pipe and a 3" turbo back exhaust and front mount intercooler that are going on at the end of the month as well. By the start of summer i should be looking at around 230-235 whp, cant wait to get it dynoed. That is all :) Thank for looking over and hope you guys are still doing good and taking care of your 626s, I could never handle mine:(
  2. What's up guys? Not sure how many of you still remember me, just wanted to drop by and say hi :) I gave up on my 626 more than a year ago, then in September '09 I purchased a new car, 02 VW GTI. I still have the 626, sits in front of my house and winks at me every now and then. I am considering wether i should donate it, sell it for 800 bucks or just part it out. Last time i drove it, it ran perfect but had a CEL for the EGR valve. I got the code deleted and waited for it to come back, but it never did. Now that it hasn't been touched in such a long time God knows what's wrong with it. But now i have a new baby that's draining me of all my money, so if it's ok with you guys, I'm sharing my joy :D When i first got her Shortly after, i started modding it
  3. After a year of owning a 1999 Mazda 626 ES V6, 5 speed manual, i have had many good times. I fell in love with the car. But i felt cheated, for the car gave me so many pains. Until i finally could not afford keeping it up. Unfortunately The 626 has been sitting in front of my house for almost 5 months. All interior trim is currently in my shed, halfway repainted. Car doesn't start and I have completely given up on it. If i had all the money in the world, I would NOT get rid of this car. I would keep it. I would make it what i wanted it to be. Unfortunately, insurance is a bitch, especially when you have a driving record like mine. Starting yesterday i have moved on, and felt that it would only be proper to say goodbye to you guys. I haven't been on here in a long time, but as i remember the forums, everyone used to be really helpful and friendly. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me out and was supportive of my projects (which unfortunately i wasn't able to carry out). I hope the community stays strong. As for me, I got my hands on a 2002 VW GTI 1.8T, 5 speed. Had it for 2 days, and I am already in love with it. Hopefully it will have a better outcome than the 626. I wish u all luck.
  4. What kind of bulbs did u put in?? I had the same problem the first time i tried changing my bulbs. I got them from PepBoys, and they were regular bulbs with blue covers that made them light up blue. However, the cluster would still be green. It wasn't until i put the LEDs that my cluster was completely blue
  5. This was actually the first time i went there and the first time i've seen cars that fast. I actually had to see a psychiatrist because i was about to commit suicide after seeing a civic beat a supra.
  6. 69 Camaro loses a wheel Integra driver mishifts from 2nd to 1st gear I was actually there and i think it was one of the most amazing things i've ever seen in my life. Sadly, there were no 626s
  7. That's what i thought. Well i can get a brand new set of Tenzo R Springs for a 93-97 626 wich would give me a 2" drop front and back my questions are: 1. Will they positively fit a 99?( i know they would, but i just can't not ask) 2. Does the fact that i have a v6 matter? 3. Can I just replace the old springs witht he new ones, or will i have to change anything else(i.e. shocks?)
  8. ok it took a while, but im back in business Just wasted my paycheck on 17" Drag Dr 8 rims sorry didnt have tiume to flip it but yeah i need a drop badly What do u guys think of slip on coilovers? ebay ones that go for 50 bucks? how "dangerous" are they?
  9. wow. i've been gone for a while. Sorry about that. I can't even explain what happened. I had no life for about 2 months. My parents left for florida and i had the house to myself. I decided to drive my dad's truck around to look cooler. Somehow i managed to hit a fire hydrant while backing up. Long story short, i had no money, wrote a check, bank account went negative a lot, car got fixed, parents never foudn out. I just started school last week. My last paycheck (yesterday) managed to bring my bank account above 0. All the plans i had for teh car had to be put aside. So that's how my summer went....
  10. ace005

    New Headlight Idea

    Ok Ill be the guinea pig Ill try to do the headlights + clean corners see how it turns out. Ill keep you updated on "Hooray for summertime"
  11. ace005

    New Headlight Idea

    so did i I hate those three pointy things so i tried cutting them with a dremel. to my surprise there was a hole inside it so i got some gorilla glue, covered it and left it the way it is.
  12. OK painted most of the front dash and the center console even the glove compartment althoug its vinyl. Seems to be sticking. I used duplicolor truck van and suv. However i ran out of paint and my local advance auto parts had none left so there are still some spots that need touchup and the entire glove box. I forgot to spray it. heres the results I Will defenitly take high quality pics once the whole thing is done. Im by the end of next week ill manage to finish everythng and install the new carpet/headliner
  13. ace005

    New Headlight Idea

    yes and i dont think it will look to good either By painting the inside the headlight will look completely different and keep the crystal clear plastic on the outside Think of tiburons how many people take their headlights apart and paint the plastic
  14. I was looking at our headlights and got an idea im not so sure how it would work out, but heres what i was thinking Look at the headlight. Do you see the outer rim of the...thing? I think ill make myself better understood if i show u That outter part. I could take the headlight apart, sand that area down and paint it either black to match my(upcoming) smoked side markers or gold to match the rest of the car. What do you think?
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