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    1991, 626, 2.2l, auto
  1. 626 Mileage

    1991 626, 325 000 km - original engine and automatic transmission. regular maintenance goes a long way! drivetrain is a little sloppy
  2. when i start my car (1991 626), it idles at 2000 rpm, sometimes searching between 1500 and 2000, this also happens intermittently when stopped. sometimes i can get it to drop by revving. similar symptoms happened last year (but only when warm, and car sometimes quit)and it was my ignition module. any ideas? thanks
  3. Faq

    does the car quit while running - have high searching idle at times?(irregular) this happened to my car last year and the mechanic said he replaced some kind of sensor/module/electronic thingy at the distributor. (ignition module) it was snowy and i could get the car to start sooner if i cooled it off there with some snow. i just checked pricing for that part and am appalled at what i was charged for the repair $450 part is $130 online probably an easy diy install chilton manual says it only comes with the distributor - might be something to check rebuilt dist. $150 mechanic will only see code if the car has not started since quitting