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  1. Hell, if you could get your hands on a Volvo TD04 19T turbo, I'd do a straight trade with you
  2. seriously...no one wants a clean set of JDM headlights or OBD2 PnP Megasquirt???
  3. MS and JDM headlights still available...
  4. Contact Rob Lentz, he's in the MX6/Probe groups on Facebook. Also on performanceprobe as michaelknight :)
  5. megasquirt still available; set up for PnP for OBD2, but of course can be configured to whatever you need it for. MS1 v3 board with 029y4a coad loaded. Timing set up for KL.
  6. Not at all, I've already made the swap so it's plug n play with the US harness. I had to swap in an old interior headlight harness from my old headlights. Only thing is on my 1997 is that I had to unbolt the relays that were next to the windshield washer tank, as these headlights are about 1" deeper. But as you can see from the pics, they mount up fine. PM incoming
  7. great! glad they made it. I had to write in the hardware on the customs form...hope the screws made it as well!
  8. JDM Projectors available MS1 V3 setup for KL. Timing and Fuel done for standard start-n-go (in a perfect world:) )
  9. Xeno, didn't get a chance this weekend to hook up the MS. When I get home I will do that. I'm house/pet sitting at the moment in another city so I'm at my house very sparingly, if at all until Wednesday night
  10. SS Sills being shipped out tomorrow. USPS should have delivered tracking info to your email :)
  11. No problem. I'll verify it communicates and can save changes while connected to the car :) I can't make it run because my motor smoked itself though.
  12. I can do what I can this weekend. All I have to do is swap ecu connectors and power it up. All basemaps are out there though. DIYAutotune has one available :)
  13. Sorry FIS, I saw the messages on Facebook first XenoMorph, if you need more info on it, I'll try to provide some. It was built as a PT bulkbuy years ago. It had sheared resistors (for power supply) and wouldn't boot. I fixed the resistors earlier this year, loaded 029y4a code successfully. After that I didn't get a chance to hook it up and get it running as it was for my DD and getting my white 4ws 626 was taking longer, so I couldn't take my DD out of DD status. All I was able to do was mess with the timing settings and setting up basefuel. :)
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