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  1. You know, if I owed the VA money, they would send the Department of Homeland Security to my door because I would be a terrorist. Now, who can I send since they owe me money?

  2. Bama626

    Cars Kinda Starts Then Shuts Off

    My mechanic came over this morning, looked at it, and unhooked the MAF sensor, and it cranked right up. Hopefully he has one so I can replace it, otherwise its gonna be a pretty penny.
  3. Hey fellas, 1996 626 2.0 Auto last night got into it, it started and was idling rough so I let it warm up a little, when I shifted into drive it shut off. Today I went out, changed the plug wires, and the fuel filter, because it was sounding like a boat motor, but was not starting unless I pressed the gas. Now it will only start as long as I am pressing the gas but as soon as I let go it cuts off and dies. The entire time sounding like a boat motor. Before this there was no signs or symptoms of an up coming problem. It just started last night.
  4. I was looking at the B&M ones as well, that is something else I'm gonna do in the near future. Thanks again
  5. Bama626

    Plug Wires Plug Wires Everywhere

    Cool, I'll go with the NGKs then when I get the money back up, I've never had a problem with Bosch and that is what I am using right now, but I'll get me some NGKs in the near future. The MSD question was to see if anyone has used them, but I like what I hear about the NGK wires.
  6. Bama626

    Plug Wires Plug Wires Everywhere

    Appreciate it guys, thanks.
  7. Bama626

    Plug Wires Plug Wires Everywhere

    Rather than having a solid core to them like most plug wires the core is helically wound (Like a DNA strand) to prevent electrical bleed off. Some information is here: My link It appears that another name for it is a mag wire, but I may be wrong.
  8. I found 2 for the 626, the only difference was the sizes, what size should I get, and which hose should I put it on, I know the next thing I do should be a cooler, and it is one of the next things I do. I was just also looking at inline filters and was wondering where I need to put one, what part size, and changing interval.
  9. I'm looking for some good plug wires, preferably those twisted kind, like MSD makes, however, I don't know which ones to get for our application, or if another company made twisted wires. MSD calls theirs Heli-Core, what would ya'll suggest, part number too if possible
  10. Bama626

    Msd Streetfire Ignition

    A few more questions, How do I find the Tach wire to hook it up to and also does this car have a magnetic pickup for me to plug the pickup into? 1996 626 2.0 AUTO
  11. Bama626

    Msd Streetfire Ignition

    Hey fellas, I just picked up the ignition module today, I have the coil already set up, now, I was wondering, what would ya'll recommend to set the rev limiter to to be safe? I'm using it in a daily driver just for better gas mileage but also because I am a Vol Fire Fighter and need to get to the station quick at times.
  12. Bama626

    Exhaust Question

  13. Bama626

    Breather Filter

    Hey guys, what would the benefits be of putting a breather filter on the crankcase?
  14. Bama626

    My Ride From Poland

    how much of a benefit do you get from that new intake?
  15. Bama626

    Yet Another Homemade Cai Thread

    Yeah, I'm wanting it to breathe better, I used to have an S-10 that I did the same stuff to, I really liked the gains, I know they aren't much, but it is enough for me. I will be doing an exhaust soon as well.