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  1. How much would it cost you to get the old tranny and differential rebuild?
  2. Sounds like the valvestem seals to me. They have a history of desintegrating .
  3. Hej med dig! We are a few danes here.
  4. I kinda like the Bozo-twist. I wouldn't do it on my own car though. It's all about what you like, and not what somebody else thinks is right or wrong.
  5. What a beauty! Congrats man. :-)
  6. ^^ That's how we roll in Denmark^^ I really love those "Scandinavia and the World" comics.
  7. I had that Exact same sound! It was my clutch slave cylinder that needed a dab of grease on the end of the piston. Grease on - Sound gone..
  8. That's the stock spoiler. Around here, the cheapest 1.8 came with four lug hubs and a four speed MTX.
  9. http://www.awdwiki.com/en/mazda/ You're welcome. ;-)
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