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  1. klwong1

    Good battery but no power

    Sounds good. Thank you for the reply!
  2. klwong1

    Good battery but no power

    R. Weeks, Did you ever figure out what the issue was with your car? I'm having the exact same issue with my 96 right now. Literally no power is making it to anything. The battery is good (even tried another one), but the car appears to be totally dead. No lights, no nothing. Thanks,
  3. klwong1

    Shakes Only When You Push The Gas!

    Any recommendations on most common lines to check for leaks first? I was thinking bad motor or transmission mounts myself. To think an air leak somewhere could cause violent shaking would have never entered my mind.
  4. I can be going 20 mph or 70 mph and if I'm not touching the gas the ride is smooth as can be. When I push that gas pedal, the steering wheel, gas pedal, dash, near everything starts to shake violently. Let off the gas and everything is smooth again. If I try just right on a perfectly flat road with no hills, I can hold the gas pedal at a constant speed (not dropping acceleration or increasing it) and its smooth, but the moment I push into the gas pedal it starts to shake. Anyone else?
  5. klwong1

    93+ High Mileage Thread

    Just turned 247k on my 94' with original tranny and engine. Hold light will come on flashing if I do too much stop and go traffic, but I easily reset the ecm and it goes away. Otherwise it leaks a little of every fluid it can and the paint on the hood, roof, and trunk is pretty much burnt away. I just put new tires on it and will keep driving it until it drives no more! I bought it 6 years ago for $400 and all I've done is brakes, tires, battery, and a pully. Cannot complain one bit!
  6. That sucks. It is still really odd how it just starting doing this out of no where. You would think this would be more of a gradual problem that would slowly start showing up. Its still shifting fine, and I reset the ECU and haven't had the HOLD light come on in two days now, but she is still leaking out of the pressure release cap a little bit everywhere I stop. I checked the fluid level today and its still fine and so is the color. This is really odd. Making me think about that clogged hose again in the links you had posted.
  7. I used an electrical wire cap and wrapped it with electrical tape for now until I can get a regular cap. I know its super ghetto, but it works.
  8. Bah, the HOLD light started flashing yesterday on my way home from work and when I got home I was leaking tranny fluid from the pressure release valve again. Wth? A week with smooth shifting and no HOLD light and now she starts acting up again out of nowhere. The initial fluid change did make a huge difference in the transmissions performance for over a week, so that has to be a clue to something. Hrmmmmm.........
  9. I accidently knocked off a hose or cap or something here when i was checking the oil pressure switch and now its hissing and sucking in air and the car is idling rough. I can place my finger over it and the idle comes up and smooths. I can't find a hose to connect to it or a cap anywhere. I've searched the forum and none of the vacuum diagrams show a connection like this on this line. Anyone know?
  10. I drained the tranny, filled it, drained it again, and filled it again. Checked level, added fluid, checked fluid, added fluid, until levels were right. Took her on about a 3 mile test drive and the tranny shifts AMAZING compared to what it did. First to second gear is flawless now and second to third is as smooth as our MPV so it still has that prominent shift to it. I'm not blowing this out of proportion and exaggerating, it honestly shifts that much smoother than it did before. So my guess is that the fluid was burnt (it was black as dirty oil when i drained it) and wasn't allowing the tranny to shift properly or keep it cool, therefore it overheated and fluid was released via the pressure release cap. Im going to run some errands in about an hour so that should give her plenty stop n go, highway, and time to get hot. So we'll see if she still spews after that. Dj, thanks again for your time and input in regards to the issue. It put things more into a simple and understandable perspective. 236,000 miles on the original tranny (notorious 94' CD4E) and 4cyl motor so I'm as happy as can be!
  11. Well, I checked the tranny fluid this morning and it's not extremely low but it is low. The fluid is not milky or cloudy, but is very dark and could easily be mistaken for dirty oil. So tomorrow I'll do a simple drain and fill on the ATF and post an update after that. I know not to take all answers on here as guaranteed, but an educated guess is better than no guess at all and I don't want to take it to a shop and throw a wad of money at it if that's not necessary to solve the problem. Do u know of a good write up on doing a quick ATF change off the top of your head?
  12. dj, First, thanks for the insight! Only thing I'm noticing similar to my situation in comparison to that thread is that the fluid is black and looks like oil. However, the day it originally bled all over, there wasn't even enough oil in her to show on the dipstick and the lifters were ticking pretty bad. Thats why tranny fluid was not a thought at all. Could the transmission have overheated because there was no oil to help cool things? She's been sitting and not driven since my original post so i finally got under there today and did an oil and filter change, plus cleaned things up a bit. That's when I noticed the tranny pressure release valve cap. That's the side all the leakage was on, and like I said in the previous post the whole area around the cap was covered in fluid. I'm going to let her idle and get up to temp tomorrow morning and check the tranny fluid and see what it looks like and post an update. I'll let her sit until I can figure this thing out. May have to eventually look into a leakage around that pipe like in your thread. Unfortunately I don't have the local family shop hookup so I'm going to have to be a little more through on my own trouble shooting.
  13. I think I found where the leak is coming from. Its a bolt directly under the front of the air box. It is loose, spins freely, and I can lift it up about a 1/4 of an inch or so but it will not come out or tighten back down. I'm not sure what the unit is that its part of. Its covered in oil, and so is the surrounding area. Anyone feel free to chime in on this! Thanks!
  14. klwong1

    Possible Transmission Fix For Future Repairs

    Heh, this thread really is old, and the funny thing is there was never really a true response to the original posts intended idea and inquiry. I'm gonna try it this weekend. 235k on the clock and we'll see what happens! Lol.