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  1. yeah mate its 4x110 cheers for the info yeah ill have to look around at wat other people have done and whats available thanks
  2. hey people im just after some advice i want to convert my car to 5 stud conversion from like a newer model rx7 and rear disk brakes. Would say the fd model rx7 stuff be good for my car or is there anything else i should look into any help would be appreciated thanks.
  3. haha yeah this was posted on my thread i was gonna bid on it.
  4. good setup the guy told me the car it was fitted to gained 120kw but as im a p-plater i cant have forced induction plus i cant really afford it at the moment. thanks for that link mate
  5. thanks heaps for the info mate im not sure what the specs are ill have to ask my uncle as it use to be hes car. yeah ive been looking into forced induction but dont really wanna go down that route as of yet as im still a p- plater haha. eventually it will have a different motor anyways so maybe ill just do little things to the motor for now.
  6. Car: 1980 Mazda 626 Super Deluxe Engine: 2.0L F/MA Transmission: 5 Speed Manual Hi this is my 626 with the F/MA engine in and i have got a lynx manifold with dellorto carby setup n it not sure wat kind of setup yet to have a good look. Was just wondering if anyone new wat kind of power increase i could expext with this new setup as i have read these engine stock were 75hp. My engine also has custom grind cam extractors and full exhaust (to be redone). I was thinking of getting the cam reground bigger shaving the head a bit also. Also is there any head from a newer motor that i could put o
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