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  1. Honestly, you'd probably be better off just going to your local parts store. They are relatively cheap, and commonly available in the electrical section of most parts stores. If memory serves, you should expect to pay somewhere around $5 to $10 for a new one.
  2. Fits 93-97 I assume? Just making sure...
  3. Good info-- Thanks man! I could use some new brake lines. As an aside, in the past I've used summit for brake rotors because of their flat rate shipping. Other places had slightly better prices on the PowerStop rotors, but they charged actual shipping, which ended up being around $40 on four rotors.
  4. Yeah, I know, I know... The thing is, since this was a relist, eBay wouldn't allow a reserve price higher than the original reserve price (which was zero.) Since eBay offers special incentives on the relist (refunded insertion fees if the item sells.) then it was worth it. Besides, doing a reserve price auction like that cost about $7 in insertion fees, whereas this was about $4. But the main thing is, considering that I had these laying around for over a year after I took them off of my car before I listed them, I'm not in a huge hurry to sell them. I've had a few offers, but on these my take is that if they sell for how much I have them listed, then great, if not, well, I'm sure that someday I'll own another car on which these wheels will fit. Re-coating them a different color to match another car isn't a big deal either, since I own all of the equipment. Thanks for the suggestions, though. If have to relist them again, then I may do something like that, especially since the insertion fee refund is only good for the first relist.
  5. Hey, I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just want to help, but I'm afraid that it will be almost impossible to get anywhere near $2000 out of a non-running 11 year old car if you sell it as a whole. Unfortunately, what you spend on a car is almost totally irrelvant to how much it's worth on the market. I hate to say it, but if you sold it, just as is, you'd be lucky to get much over $500 for it. Honestly, your best bet will be to part it out, provided that you have the tools, time, skill, and space to do it. You will need receipts and documentation of all new or rebuilt parts to get the most out of them. Parting it out, you might be able to come close to your figure of $2000, if you have receipts for every new part you sell, and if you part out just about every piece of the car. Sorry to not have any good news!
  6. Hey everyone, They didn't sell the first time around, so here we go again. Click below: New link! Thanks,
  7. Sad though it makes me, I am parting with my infamous blue RX-7 wheels. I've you've been to Myrtle Madness, some of you may remember them from when I had my car there a few years ago... Anyway, I've got them on eBay right now, starting bid of $300. Here's the link: Click here to visit the listing. It's funny that it has taken me this long to bring myself to part with them. They've actually been off of my car for well over a year now (maybe two, I can't remember anymore.) At least I'll still have a picture of my car with them on my desk! Fits 93+ MX6, Probe, and I would assume 626 great (may require spacer, though) but I doubt they will work for 88-92 cars (lug pattern is correct, but they may be too wide to keep from rubbing.) Also, these are the16lb version (there's also a 13.5lb or so one, but those are supposedly more prone to cracking.) If you want to get really picky, they're 16lb 1oz with centercap.
  8. I'm afraid that may prove rather difficult...
  9. I've got one from a '94 Probe SE, not sure if they're identical, though: http://cgi.ebay.com/Radiator-Fan-Ford-Prob...tem?refid=store
  10. From 88-91 the MX-6 and 626 had different styles of wheels, so which style are these. Also, since they are factory new, I assume that this means the don't come with center caps, right?
  11. Hello everyone! I have for sale a brand new, in box Standard-style Exedy Clutch Set for the 1993-97 V6 cars. According to the manufacturer it is supposed to be about 10-20% stronger than the original equipment clutch. It is complete and has never been installed. It includes: Clutch Disk Pressure Plate Throw-out Bearing Pilot Bearing Alignment Tool Here are some pictures of the actual item: Price is $110 including shipping to the lower 48 states. Before the
  12. Hey, I'm almost certain that I have one, but I'll have to wait until daylight to go out there to see. If you are interested, just PM me your ship-to zip and I'll get you a price including shipping. Thanks!
  13. I should have one. I'll have to check my parts car (preferably when it's not raining... ugh!) but I'm almost certain that my '94 Probe 2.0L still has the PS pump. PM me if you're still looking. Thanks!
  14. I'll see what I have and get back to you in a hurry. I already sold the one from this engine, but I still may have another laying about from another engine I took apart a few years ago.
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