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  1. Any year 626 mx-6 or probe gt will work in the 98+ 626 v6 and 4 banger. Lol i have a civic STS in my 2000 626 v6 and it fits in there just like the stock shifter...You can read the "civic STS sticky in the MX-6.com forum! The install is easy as pie and is worth the money.
  2. Hey i have tokico/sprint combo on my car and i couldn't be happier! Good choice
  3. I have done this myself also with my 2000 626 v6. Go to mx-6.com and place a WTB (want to buy) message in that particular forum. Ask for an ATX to MTX swap kit. You would be surprised how fast people will reply. Don't pay any more than 500-ish for a swap kit..including the trans. You can do it yourself also..just make sure and read the stickies on this forum and mx-6.com as well as probetalk.com. Just give yourself a good 3 days and expect stupid things to happen that will take extra time( stuck half shaft axles for instance or just rusted bolts) If you have any Q's i would be happy to help..just P.M me
  4. Thats top secret ...Just kidding actually its a fan shroud for a probe GT. Probes and mx-6's have holes on the top of the radiator that the shroud screws into. The 98+ 626 has the radiator in a location that doesn't allow you to utilize the screws.I just made some brackets to secure the fan shroud on there. Then i painted them with some high temp paint. Thats it. I am also willing to disclose a racing seat bracket from another make and model car that will fit the 626 perfectly...however i would like to get a set before i let the cat out of the bag. Probe and mx-6 bracket don't fit my year 626..i am pretty sure it won't fit the 93-97 either.
  5. Well, as you would expect from him everything is top quality..If you find one don't pass it up! Also, i don't know what the heck people are talking about when they say that the side passenger mount doesn't really absorb much engine movement. I am aware that the engine moves more front to back therefore having poly mounts in the front and in the rear of the tranny would be more beneficial. I will tell you what, I noticed a huge difference in the way the car feels at idle. Huge difference(not in a bad way). The car definitely feels different during hard shifts as well...much more solid feeling..get one and you will know what i mean. I also have poly mount inserts in the front and rear and i still noticed a huge difference when i installed the side mount. I am waiting for him to make the top tranny mount and then i will be done with the motor mounts I have already received a few emails from people regarding my suspension and stuff so if you want any info just shoot me a p.m As for the install..it was a breeze..just slightly raise the engine with a jack..less than an inch..then unbolt the stock one and put in the new one..much easier than say the rear tranny mount..what a pain that was.The material is tough as hell and will last as long as your car i am willing to bet.
  6. Here is a picture of a new motor mount that was custom made from King6 on mx-6.com Also i painted my front valve cover( i will be doing the rear and the manifold shortly when i get some time off)
  7. Yeah, i was bummed at first but now i am kinda glad i didn't spend the money. F.I costs a lot of money if you do it the right way. I just don't have the money to do it like i wanted to. I figured i would keep the car for a while longer since its paid off already and just live without a new car note every month. Its nice not having to make a car payment anymore. When i do get a new vehicle i will probably find a nice Mazdaspeed 3. I have been drooling over my friends MS3 since he got it. Until that day comes i guess i will slowly do little cheap mods here and there. Interior is next on the agenda.
  8. ATX starter is still available i will sell it for 40$+shipping. Looks and functions like brand new! Everything except the TQ converter is available still! If a Moderator would like to combine this with my Center console post feel welcome...i just resurrected these two threads from the stone age!
  9. Ok, crap i still have this damn thing. I never grew the balls to throw it out So the offer is revived... 15$ +shipping. Its all ready boxed up and ready to go!! Just give me the signal Paypal me 15$ and it is yours...here is my address metali_fan82@hotmail.com. This thing is in great shape..pics of it are under the same link as previously shown in the first post.
  10. Well, a lot has happened since my last post. I had a lot of the pieces for my boost project together and would have had pics by now but i ended up selling them to pay bills . I had a nice t03/4 garrett turbo with some turbo pipes i bought from someone on Probetalk. I even bought a modified crossmember and oil drain/feed lines. I was able to sell the the stuff and make up for what i spent on them. The economy really sucks big time! I painted my valve covers black and i will be doing my intake manifold soon. Sooo.. pics will be up soon! Oh happy new year to everyone!
  11. Wow..just what i was looking for..how much? :)
  12. Is it an ATX or MTX? If its an MTX v6, i need the reverse and neutral safety sensors from the transmission.Also, i need the stock shift knob..that is if its an MTX.
  13. Nice drop...i have been wanting to do the rear strut bar on my 2000 626 but the strut tower bolts are enclosed so a bar cannot bolt across. I am not sure if the 93-97 626 are the same though.
  14. New pics in a few weeks if my boost project works out!!!
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