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  1. mazdaman90

    1980 Nissan 280zx For Sale! 5-spd

    Will sell for 1800$ bucks
  2. For Sale is a Classic! its a 1980 Datsun 280zx..5-Spd..Car in California The Valley..originally i got it out of the junk yard totally gutted all it had was the chasis and wheels......it has been a restoration project over the last 3 - 4 years a special hobby of mine. i have invested over $3,500 so far and it is almost finished but i dont have the time now with my new addition to the family. But here is a short and Brief over view of some of the money invested: Over Hauled Transmission: $1000+ Stage One Clutch:$550+ An Original 2.8L 280zx Motor:$600+ Brand New from factory 280zx Drvr/psngr/back seats:$700+ Brand New Windshield:$250+ New 205 Zr 15 Yokahoma tires: $400+ 2 Brand new tail light's from factory with custom Lid:$250+ Air intake+++ many after market parts! there are many other extras done to this car but those were the ones i could remember off the top of my head the car chasis has 201k miles the motor itself has 45k miles and transmission has 20k miles it recently passed CA,Smog 1month ago with flying colors i might add... Now The Things that this car needs:Carpet it is the bare floor in the vehicle, the dash has cracked a little from the sun over the years from sitting in the junk yard, it will need a paint job eventually the car is primerd all Dark Black, i sanded the whole car down by hand, it also needs a front end alignment, other then those few things the car runs and drives great! car was a daily driver until i purchased an SUV...i also have orig 280zx rims all 4 with no rubber..This car Runs with the best of them and can throw down with my fathers Z06, this is the perfect car to burn those Civic Si's Preludes Wrx's and have gone hand and fist with RSX's..if the offer is right ill thrown in the stereo system already in the Vehicle...800watt power acoustic Amp 2 12'inch box with one Kicker and one MTX 12'inch subwoofers both rated 1500 Peak Watts! and a baulkplank cd Player 180watts...Asking $2300 B/O You can Email me ilalsm@msn.com or call (559)707-0536 Serious Buyers Only.
  3. mazdaman90

    I Need A 2.2l Turbo Moto

    Anyone have an old 626 or know someone who has a motor that you havent already snatched up let me know... 2.2L turbo 88-92 Mx6 or out of a 626 GT 88-92 years only ilalsm@Msn.com mazdaman90
  4. mazdaman90

    88 Turbo 5spd Zip:49009

    post some pics it will get more interest
  5. mazdaman90

    Body Kits

    Hey, i joined this site sometime ago, and it has been a few months since i was able to get back on.. very glad to see the site is still running strong and always helpful tips! (im gonna be going with the do it yourself kit) will post pics when finished
  6. mazdaman90

    Im Looking4 Reverse Glow Gauges

    WoW that sux they dont carry them anymore! so who the heck does!?
  7. mazdaman90

    I Need Answer Asap Please~~!!!

    Thanks for the Reply....getting the wiring shouldnt be a problem.....as far as swaping a motor i dont know alot about that....is it going to be easy for this car? or am i better off paying to have someone do it? seeing as i am going to purchase the engine i've been looking th elast few hours for some upgrades for this 2.2L turbo motor like a bigger turbo for it and intercooler....but i cant find any sites that make parts for this motor lol...ANy mroe help is Greatly appreciated! MazdaMAN90
  8. mazdaman90

    Body Kit

    WHICH 90 HONDA side SKirts will work? a Civic? or what?
  9. Hi i was wondering i have a 1990 Mazda 626 LX Non-turbo 2.2L ,and i found an Engine from a 1988 MX6 Turbo 2.2L my mazda is A manual and this Engine Is a Manual design Also...my Questions is will the Turbo Motor Fit right into my 1990 626? from a 1988 MX6? Let me know thanks!!!! All info is greatly appreciated
  10. mazdaman90

    Im Looking4 Reverse Glow Gauges

    I am looking for reverse glow gauges for my 1990 Mazda 626 Lx if anyone knows of any please let me know. i also have a 1980 280ZX "non turbo" if anyone knows of any for that also thanks
  11. mazdaman90

    L@@@@k Cheap Stuuffffff

    This Site Has a Bunch Of Cheap ITEMS http://www.sellatonce.com/cgi-bin/auction/...m.pl?item=40450
  12. mazdaman90

    1990 Gt Turbo For Sale

    where you live @?
  13. mazdaman90

    Garret T3 Turbo For Sale

    would buy for cheap price
  14. mazdaman90

    For Sale Modified 626

    1990 Mazda 626 LX 4door bomz exhaust full cat back and tip, Bomz Double wing racing spoiler, car is silver, 5spoke 17inch chrome spyder rims, new rebuilt tranny with 1000 miles on it, custom made cold air intake will come with car, has K & N filter on it now, new gaskets all around(vavle cover, Exhuast manifold etc..) extra set of stock rims with brand new good year tires goes with the car. Stereo system stays in the car.. 200watt Pioneer CD player with graphics, 600 watt power acustic Sub Amp, 200watt power acustic Amp for Highs, Two 12inch subs one kicker Comp the other Mtx6000 both have 800watt max output in speaker box..system hooked up in car....Car is daily driver...Eventually will need: windshield has small rock chip but i think will spread.starter is going bad...Has new Yonkino Plugs and wires from japan... Over 2000$ Invested asking 800$ obo..must sell due to attorneys fee's..in Pittsburgh PA Area.... buyer responsible for pick up. Tax & Title...will drive and meet half way within reason...Email ilalsm@msn.com have many pics
  15. mazdaman90

    Why Didnt We Get These Models!

    i think its good that we didnt get those in the US it would Tarnish mazdas image