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  1. NDM

    Engine Rebuild or swap?

    look into a FS-ZE swap. lots of posts on it. great engine. availability still fairly good as well.
  2. Added some bells and whistles RSS Feeds Added (orange icon lower right). GoogleTranslate. And Scroll to top button. Minimalist load indicator
  3. This is the official mazda626.net Change log, any changes administrators make as of 4/21/2009 will be logged here. 11/6/2012 20-30k Images now CDN Friendly (will be loaded from our cdn) 11/3/2012 Fixed Cache issues that prevented fresh content for showing to members Email notifications fixed Fixed Download Section Added RAR Attachment type Added 3D Design section for members Fixed Missing PMX626.com images Improved speed of m626.net shortcut domain Improved speeds of pmx626.com 6/24/2012 Improved Site search see: http://mazda626.net/...de/#entry340929 Removed Quantcast tracking code to speed up page load times. 6/20/2012 More Performance Tweaks Dark Theme Updated Dark Theme Default Color Set to Match Light theme Blue. Images on Light Theme Optimized to be slightly smaller ~20kb reduction in overall size. Disabled Gravatar Due to Slowing down site, All Avatars will need to be hosted locally here or input directly via url into members profiles 6/15/2012 Added back PMX626.com Links Fixed theme issues 1/15/2011 Moved Server over to new dedicated server Overhauled security and optimized db/server Updated Notification Email System 12/12/2011 Fixed some minor server utilization issues. 12/8/2011 - Upgraded IPB Upgraded Ipboard to 3.2.3 Upgraded garage to latest Fixed Mobile theme (removed garage from it) Reduced Variable Opcode Caching Refresh time(hopefully to fix random hanging issues with page loads) 12/8/2011 Site moved to new Dedicated Server Xcache Up and running 11/8/2011 - CDN Cloudflare CDN Up and running 9/5/2011 - Upgraded IPB Upgraded IPB to 3.2.2 Upgraded Skin to latest version 12/20/2010 -Minor Edits Resolved page load issues Added Project/Builds to General Chat Section Added shortcut domain m626.net 4/19/2010 -Minor Edits Fixed links in several performance 2.5L V6 articles. Also posted some information articles that are no longer available online in our own forums to preserve them. 4/6/2010 -Minor Edits Permissions fixed for all forums -moderators can now post news -guests can now view/download all attachments -banned members now banned from every forum 4/3/2010 -Minor Edits Lighting Forum Added Rules slightly modified. 3/26/2010 -Mobile Site "Touchups" Added: AdMob ads in our mobile site. Removed: Google ads from mobile site. Garage mod's "random cars" section from mobile site. Calendar disabled (forum-wide). 3/22/2010 New Blue and Dark themes. New Mobile/Smartphone theme for iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm WebOS, Android, Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, Safari Mobile, and Blackberry. Latest Post/Topic Section Added. Users auto watch threads they reply to. Reputation System Removed. Thank System Added. 2/11/2010 Google Ads, fixed filtering lower quality ads that hurt site image. Social Bookmarking coming soon! 10/29/2009 You can now hang with us on facebook! 10/27/2009 We now accept donations. You can now invite friends from your usermenu dropdown. You can now view you Latest Posts and Lates Topics from the user dropdown menu. You can now add comments when you give somone + and - rep as well as view your rep + comments in sidebar. 8/05/2009 Added COTM on the main page. Fixed the reputation system. Turned on email activation when registering. 7/21/2009 Added eBay contact information to profile Disabled the portal Removed interests from user's information on a post. Replaced it with their car. Installed two new skins. 5/5/2009 PMX626.com Done, Check it out Steve worked his butt off on finishing it! And hes tired. 5/3/2009 Linear Plus + Outline view for topics has been removed, no one uses them and it just makes the site look really bad when coming in from search engines. Super-Six-Search Engine has not been fixed, before mx6.com results were not registering in the customer search engine, now all 4 sites work(probetalk.com, mx6.com, mazda626.net, and performanceprobe.com). Super-Six-Search Engine is being renamed to PMX626 = P(for Ford Probe)MX6(for Mazda Mx6)26 (for Mazda626) PMX626.com was purchased as a domain and the search engine will soon be located their with a new theme. <img src='http://www.mazda626....ult/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' /> 5/2/2009 Layout Style Changed, again, and should be much better now! Bulk Buy Section added, bulk buys from mx6.com and probetalk.com can be seen here! mazda626.net Competition section added, also in marketplace non-mazda626.net competition/sweepstakes category has been added, and this section already has 5 sweepstakes in it! ( http://www.mazda626....hp?showforum=72 ) Hot Deals Section added to marketplace Other 626's has been Added to Technical/Performance/ and appearance sections Max Images per post is now 15, which should make it much easier for posting pictures in the photosection and guides in the DIY/how to section. Premium membership system goes into effect. 5/1/2009 Snailman is now officially an administrator(before he was without the label). Super-Six-Search is now activated, it will be reskinned to match the site once we have the new domain for the site, because the current server is out of storage space. Test/Temporary logo has been uploaded to the light theme for testing. New Donate button added (if you donate $30, you'll receive a premium membership). New TrialPay button added (get a premium membership, for free). MAJOR RE-ORGANIZATION. Replies are now possible in this forum (and basically everywhere). Premium memberships available. New member badges (if anyone cared). 4/28/2009 Google Adsense added to default light template/skin. 4/27/2009 Site was down for 3 days . . . Invision Power Board hosting support is terrible. Called in emergency support over weekend and they did nothing to address the issue until this morning. Were still waiting on the domain at this point, when get it well be fully moved over to the new server ASAP and will then be without anymore problems. 4/22/2009 New moderator added: xxxmonoxidechild! 4/21/2009 - PM box sizes have been increased(idea was recommended by snailman) Donators: 500 PM's (up from 60) Members: 300 Pm's (up from 60) -logo was fixed for both themes -Light skin was reset as default site skin for easier on eyes to guests, Dark skin/theme is still available to users(via pulldown menu at bottom of site) -Mazda626.net button fixed in header of page.
  4. site updated, themes updated (new dark theme). CDN still active and back online (was down since 5/9) due to configuration issue.
  5. NDM

    Hey Mods. Can't Edit Posts

    sidenote editing timeframe is set to unlimited for all usergroups so this shouldnt be an issue. Please let me know once you have a chance to try.
  6. NDM

    Hey Mods. Can't Edit Posts

    updated ipboard, any improvements? **edited within 60 seconds ** ** edited is it only all sections or certain sections you cant edit in?**
  7. This is a little "how to" is dedicated to swapping out a bose Head Unit in a 1998+ Mazda 626, while keeping factory amp and speakers. This method yields to no distortion and excellent sound quality. Only FAQ incomplete at this time. _______________________________________________ -Part 1- What you Will need: SCOSCHE MA02B (buy.com) SCOSCHE FAI-3A (Can be found at your neighborhood walmart . . . Like any walmart.) [A Line Level Converter or LLC] If you order it from wally world I think they will send you a FAI-3A not a FAI-3. Electrical tape. (Your should have this, but your local radioshack/hardware store will have it if you don't) Standard Wire insulator remover/Multi-tool. (any hardware store you will need 16 or 18 gauge on their) Or you can go with the Crutchfield kit, but it is more expensive. ________________________________________________ -Part 2- What the materials you need do: The Wiring harness is to convert the factory wiring to standard after market wire coloring, while also allowing the installer to do little to no splicing for an after market stereo install. The Line Level converter(will call LLC in this article) converts the signal from 4ohm to 2 ohm for use wit Premium Bose, and JBL systems. Electrical tape is to cap off unneeded wires and cover exposed connected wires. Wire insulator remover multi tool is for cutting one wire off factory connector, and also cutting off insulation from your new factory stereo wires. ________________________________________________ -Part 3- Review + Print the below wiring diagram: Wiring Diagram provided by Xenomorph1030 A.......+12 Volt Ignition Wire B.......+12 Volt Constant C.......Postive Dimmer D.......not used E.......Power Antenna Turn On F.......Illumination G.......not used H.......Remote Amp Turn On I.......Left Front Speaker (+) J.......Right Front Speaker (+) K.......Left Front Speaker (-) L.......Right Front Speaker (-) M.......Left Rear Speaker (+) N.......not used O.......Left Rear Speaker (-) P.......not used Q.......Right Rear Speaker (+) R.......Right Rear Speaker (-) S.......not used T.......not used ________________________________________________ -Part 4- Recommendation before attempting installation: -Do as much as you can at a desk, working inside the car is more difficult and frustrates easier. Install what you can at a well lite desk if possible. Installation: 1. Connect the wiring harness to the SCOSCHE LLC. Follow the diagram below 2. Connect the new after market wiring to the SCOSHE LLC. 3. Set all dials on the SCOSHE LLC to (-) 4. Move Side switch on LLC to factory amp mode. 5. Ground SCOSCHE LLC (easiest way I found to do it was to connect it to the stereo ground and ground them both together to the metal frame inside the stereo compartment. 6. Wire up the non speaker wires from your harness to your stereo please match them all carefully following your after market stereo diagram and the above wiring diagram for the Mazda connector. 7. Cut wire H on the factory mazda harness and extend it with a length of copper wire to connect it to your after market Remote Amp turn on lead(usually blue w/ white stripe) 8. Double check everything and turn it on. 9. Try to run a CD if no sound comes out attempt adjusting factory amp gain on LLC, I personally was able to set all mine to max, but just a warning they dramatically adjust sound levels and each stereo will handle them differently. If you are not careful when you adjust them you could blow your speakers! Also keep all dials at same angles when adjust them. 10. It should work if it doesn't see FAQ/Troubleshooting in Part 5. ________________________________________________ -Part 5- FAQ: I have no sound? Check your grounds. Did you remember to purchase and install the LLC recommended at the beginning. And Lastly, did you follow step 7 in Part 4 ? Some people report that even with the above wiring harness and Line Level Converter you won't get any sound. This is because the MAO2B wiring harness does not pass the Remote Amp Turn on line trough it, you will have to cut tis line, add an extension wire and plug it into your new after market amp. On your new after market stereo you will be connecting it to is blue/white stripe wire. Now even with the MAO2B wiring harness you will have to cut wire H from before the original Mazda factory connector. This wire is gray (or gray/black will have to check).
  8. It only seemed fitting to do a small post to celebrate 6/26/2016, after all its only once a year! And just remember despite all the fear, anger, and hate in the word; creativity and DIY solutions are the seeds of solution against ignorance and bigotry. Keep pushing yourself, keep learning, keep sharing, keep growning, keep pursuing your own happiness, happy 626!!!!
  9. Hey everyone, very interested in hearing feedback of the new site / theme upgrade. The site should also be much quicker, be sure to let me us know if your running into anything unexpected too!
  10. NDM

    Feedback on upgrade post 4/1!

    oh wow, looks like i have some work to do. Thanks for the feedback everyone keep sending it all over, I'll get to it asap, much appreciated!
  11. We've now been upgraded to the latest and greatest for forum software. We tried to keep it as similar as possible. The site is "catching" up for the next few days so please hang in their as it rebuilds all of the old posts. Thank you everyone for your patience, going to go get some ZZZzzz's now Many more good changes coming soon! -NDM/Josh
  12. NDM

    Feedback on upgrade post 4/1!

    Thanks for reporting all this, keep it coming, going to get it on a list and prioritize. Oh yeah, andddd the Dark theme is available!
  13. NDM

    Feedback on upgrade post 4/1!

    sidenote is it just me or is the line spacing awful for paragraphs? I feel like the seperation between lines it pretty large, any thoughts?
  14. NDM

    Feedback on upgrade post 4/1!

    Look and Feel: Leev don't worry your not alone. Some changes are so dramatically different because the company who built the forum software almost completely rewrote it from the ground up, sorta like upgrading from windows 7 --> windows 10. Things got better, but certainly changed a bit. As far as colors/themes, I actually purchased a dark theme for the members who preferred the dark default, I'll install it this evening . Also dont forget about the brush at the top of the page can alter your theme for you! BBcode: I think they axed BBcode for WYSIWYG to go html based for more flexability. Not quite sure though I'll look into it more. Also I'm going to get a custom addon built that allows attachments via fast reply. Whether i build it or someone else does it needs to be fixed, because agreed its problematic! Signatures: Because of the switch to https, I had to temporarily disable signatures, signatures in the future are ONLY allowed to be sourced from mazda626.net because of https (for your own security/anonymity/confidentiality) Many of the old ones point externally meaning they would have thrown errors for all browser users. Well get this fixed too!
  15. NDM

    Feedback on upgrade post 4/1!

    I think thats only for admins and mods FIS, I'll have to take a look tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know, lets me know if you notice this elsewhere. I think the forum went from showing 16 to 25 posts per page, so it may have messed up where we thought things were. We may have to explore bumping it back down as 25 posts per page is quite a bit. But gotta fix the important stuff first! absolutely glad to help in the ways I can :). Is mobile performance still good for you after the https switch?
  16. NDM

    Feedback on upgrade post 4/1!

    hows mobile now after https? Also hows speeds internationally now? https slows the connection a little but http2 should help everyone rocking modern browsers. I'm still fighting a little lag in the backend of 200-300 ms, so just gotta track down the problem. But just curious how the site "feels" in real life, versus the numbers I'm seeing. FIS the page locations of posts may ahve changed, I believe the limit is higher for each board now per page, so it may have moved to a different page than you expected, can you take a closer look just to confirm its truly gone, if it is thats scary! We have plenty of backups, so ultimately we can get anything lost back most likely. If anyone finds broken images, send the links my way; I repaired something like 20,000 image urls to switch CDN's to one that supported https/ssl encryption. So something could have gone wrong.
  17. This post includes 2 Vacuum Diagrams specifically for the Mazda 626 FS/FSDE Engines. However these diagrams should be similar to FS-DE Vacuum line setup in mx6, probe, protege, etc, so you all driving non-626s may find this useful aswell. Vacuum Diagrams for the 2.0L I4 FS Engines Diagram 1: (Also Available as PDF Mazda_FS_Engine_Vacuum_Hose_Diagram_(93-94_2.0L_I4_MT).pdf) Diagram 2: (Very Small) Diagram 3: (Also Available as PDF: Mazda_FS_DE_94_Vacuumhose_Diagram.pdf)
  18. New parts installed from our server build: http://mazda626.net/topic/46378-mazda-server-build-ssds-up-big-image-warning-5mb-each/. Basically added more SSD's for redundency and speed (2-3x speed increase), things should have gotten a bit quicker for everyone. Enjoy! Thanks, -Josh
  19. yeah, soooo true. Well the nice thing about raid 10 is you get speed benefits and redundencybenefits from strapping them all together. We should see ~2gb/s read and ~1gb/s write :) via the pci-e bus.
  20. Oh Hi there, a few boxes arrived. As you can see my assistant Remy is performing standard QC inspection of vital components . . . like the cardboard box. QC Passed! All the parts: SSD ASSSEMMMMBLLLLEEE: Some neat close up shots for fun. Angle-1 Angle 2 Angle-3 Summary: Unboxed, updated firmware, and mock4x Samsung 850 evo's are being shipped down to the server in NC, along with a snazzy raid card that can give us 2gb/s readwrite. :) Performance and reliability will be stellar. Reads will be 4x faster and writes up to 20x faster. About $450 in parts, but TOTALLY worth it. I'll keep you all posted when they are installed.
  21. yeah its pretty decent, Im happy with the upgrade cause it should bump us up to todays tech in terms of capable speeds. part of me wishes I went with the "pro" model for better durability for a server environment, however I've had 2 evo's myself and 1 in a customer's computer and all have been superb for reliability. Raid 10 should compensate for the lower durability of the evo vs the pro though, we can lose literally half of each subset (pair of drives) and still be functional :). Much more durable than our current raid 0 on 2 crucial m4s (which Xeno warned me we should get away from ASAP for long run reliability) raid card is a LSI 9260 4i and with IPBoard 4 ready, its going to be a fun few months here :)
  22. Hey so I just got to use the new airpump at my local wawa today, check this out! Anyone else get to use one of these? How it works: Set your PSI (note this pic was before I changed the number to what I wanted) Plug in it does its thing and gets the perfect psi; it appears to slightly overinflate and then bleeds to the the preset number ( I set for 35 psi on this tire). Also I verified via my pressure gauge. Experience: It probably made the entire process 80% faster, was amazing not having to bleed, auto-bleed is almost magic in the amount of time saved, even with a bleed valve it just takes the tuning out of setting tire pressure.
  23. yep audible beep that you can hear from the other side of the car, I also tend to over inflate a few psi, meaning I have to fill up less often typically, and I like having slightly more firm tires for mileage. Although thats a losing battle with driving here in VA Beach.
  24. NDM

    Shakes Only When You Push The Gas!

    could also be bad sparkplugs or wires, I had some really nasty "platinum" ngk plugs in my 626 ones that caused hesitation/shaking on acceleration.
  25. NDM

    626 Coupe Saved From The Crusher

    I don't know whats worse lately the jerks with rally lights on their lifted trucks in the city or the jerks with HID pnp kits in non-projector housings. Disregard for other drivers on the road really bugs me, thanks for doing the right thing :) Great work on the swap/build! keep the pics coming. We all love seeing work like this I don't know the 1990 626 interior, but I'm betting that fog switch was either A) Wired up to a foglight kit, (pre bodykit) and never reinstalled B) They killed the switch by improperly wiring up lights for fogs as well, and never reinstalled them. C) Some crazy audio setup (amp or bass control)