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  1. Just to followup, new drive is in.And endurance tested. Should be faster and fingers crossed less stability issues. Raid is lovely for replication, but Im wondering A) if our controller is outdated or B) if the drives have hit their limit. Probably TMI, on the details, but new drive is shipping out tomorrow. And hopefully will be installed by the weekend! In some ways were downsizing! However the speed of the new drive is ridiculous. So the forum should be even quicker as of next week. Thank you for your patience, and apologies for the inconvenience, this site is a tremendous resource and we will ensure it lives on! BTW: I'm going to take back all the existing (4) drives and raid controller for testing. If they are okay, we may have a little SSD giveaway to celebrate some new stability to the forum
  2. Your not imaging things. Its an issue. The raid controller I purchased a few years back seems to be struggling and boot looping the server frequently, I'm not sure if its the (4) 850 evo's or the raid controller itself. I'm going to remove the controller and drives and have them sent back to me for analysis and testing, I need to identify if its the drives or the controller however both are a bit dated at this point. I gave up chasing my tail with the now becoming outdated LSI 9260i and 850 evo's, and ordered a 970 evo NVME SSD and adapter for the server which in theory will deliver higher performance then the raid adapter without the unnecessary overhead and complexity. As long as our colocation host is okay with me sending parts during COVID 19 pandemic is on the run we should have a more reliable setup within the next week or so.
  3. look into a FS-ZE swap. lots of posts on it. great engine. availability still fairly good as well.
  4. Added some bells and whistles RSS Feeds Added (orange icon lower right). GoogleTranslate. And Scroll to top button. Minimalist load indicator
  5. site updated, themes updated (new dark theme). CDN still active and back online (was down since 5/9) due to configuration issue.
  6. sidenote editing timeframe is set to unlimited for all usergroups so this shouldnt be an issue. Please let me know once you have a chance to try.
  7. updated ipboard, any improvements? **edited within 60 seconds ** ** edited is it only all sections or certain sections you cant edit in?**
  8. It only seemed fitting to do a small post to celebrate 6/26/2016, after all its only once a year! And just remember despite all the fear, anger, and hate in the word; creativity and DIY solutions are the seeds of solution against ignorance and bigotry. Keep pushing yourself, keep learning, keep sharing, keep growning, keep pursuing your own happiness, happy 626!!!!
  9. oh wow, looks like i have some work to do. Thanks for the feedback everyone keep sending it all over, I'll get to it asap, much appreciated!
  10. Thanks for reporting all this, keep it coming, going to get it on a list and prioritize. Oh yeah, andddd the Dark theme is available!
  11. sidenote is it just me or is the line spacing awful for paragraphs? I feel like the seperation between lines it pretty large, any thoughts?
  12. Look and Feel: Leev don't worry your not alone. Some changes are so dramatically different because the company who built the forum software almost completely rewrote it from the ground up, sorta like upgrading from windows 7 --> windows 10. Things got better, but certainly changed a bit. As far as colors/themes, I actually purchased a dark theme for the members who preferred the dark default, I'll install it this evening . Also dont forget about the brush at the top of the page can alter your theme for you! BBcode: I think they axed BBcode for WYSIWYG to go html based for more flexability. Not quite sure though I'll look into it more. Also I'm going to get a custom addon built that allows attachments via fast reply. Whether i build it or someone else does it needs to be fixed, because agreed its problematic! Signatures: Because of the switch to https, I had to temporarily disable signatures, signatures in the future are ONLY allowed to be sourced from mazda626.net because of https (for your own security/anonymity/confidentiality) Many of the old ones point externally meaning they would have thrown errors for all browser users. Well get this fixed too!
  13. I think thats only for admins and mods FIS, I'll have to take a look tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know, lets me know if you notice this elsewhere. I think the forum went from showing 16 to 25 posts per page, so it may have messed up where we thought things were. We may have to explore bumping it back down as 25 posts per page is quite a bit. But gotta fix the important stuff first! absolutely glad to help in the ways I can :). Is mobile performance still good for you after the https switch?
  14. hows mobile now after https? Also hows speeds internationally now? https slows the connection a little but http2 should help everyone rocking modern browsers. I'm still fighting a little lag in the backend of 200-300 ms, so just gotta track down the problem. But just curious how the site "feels" in real life, versus the numbers I'm seeing. FIS the page locations of posts may ahve changed, I believe the limit is higher for each board now per page, so it may have moved to a different page than you expected, can you take a closer look just to confirm its truly gone, if it is thats scary! We have plenty of backups, so ultimately we can get anything lost back most likely. If anyone finds broken images, send the links my way; I repaired something like 20,000 image urls to switch CDN's to one that supported https/ssl encryption. So something could have gone wrong.
  15. Hey everyone, very interested in hearing feedback of the new site / theme upgrade. The site should also be much quicker, be sure to let me us know if your running into anything unexpected too!
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