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  1. now on ebay for $3000 lol.. with pics.. just need it gone...
  2. or offers... Theres one for sale here in ballarat, exactly the same but with mags, tinted windows and lowered and they are dreaming at $13,000 lol $4,000 ??
  3. forgot to write.. they are from a hatch..
  4. Mazda 626... 93 model... White 2.5L V6 5 spd manual power sunroof power windows power mirrors grey interior Spare set of tail lights and rear centre garnish included (unless they sell seperately first).. Plenty of other spares included.. After $5000 ono.. Located in Ballarat, VIC Contact me via email @ timhinde@ncable.net.au Thanks for looking.. Will provide pics if theres an interest.. Thanks, Tim
  5. Hey, sick of these parts sitting around waiting to be broken in the shed.. got 93 626 tail lights and center garnish for sale, $200 (total) and the 2 tail lights and the garnish are yours.. In ballarat, but pickup can be arranged in western suburbs of melb.. Thanks, Tim
  6. what parts you after? Theres a wreckers here in ballarat that we got a heap of stuff from when getting ours on the road.. plus we have some stuff still sitting around...
  7. Sorry for the late reply, dont come on here much any more.. Yes still have parts of the car (although the actual cars long gone).. But we are also after the center caps haha.. So far from both cars, i think we have 3 lol.. Our 626 is also up for sale.. Will be going on eBay soon, been too lazy tho haha
  8. Starion

    Ebay Lights

    Not a bad deal.... http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=180193365721
  9. we have a parcel shelf.. comes with the rest of the car though... Let me know if your interested
  10. did have before until we got rid of the car.. lol..
  11. Have the whole centre console piece, but i doubt u want the lot the cup holder is there..
  12. I think i do still have that, but as with 90% of the ones we have found the lid is almost broken off. I'll have a look and see whats out there..
  13. yes torque convertor would be the one.. haha.. any one or its going in the bin... this weekend.. its a hatch, but of course no parcel shelf. we are in need of one too As for the lights and garnish, I have no idea, make an offer.. just before we bought the smashed one, we had to buy some from the wreckers and they wanted $100 each for the lights and $150 for the garnish. These are perfect and i dunno.. $300 The thing is, although we probably wont ever need them they are handy to have sitting there.. up to you..
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