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  1. Hey it been little while, been traveling. hope everyones good. dvs you guys talking about the one in liverpool area? let us know if anyones going for sure, me and few mates are going.
  2. some of us meeting at ringwood first, then driving to doncaster. we can meet up on the way if u want.
  3. hey guys, Fun weekend Cruise Saturday night. Saturday Night meeting around Ringwood or Doncaster at 6pm. (some might meet earlier) Heading down Eltham way. Post you Interest up here if you want to come. Exact Details will be posted up before the weekend. Car List: 1. 626 2. 626 3. Tx5 4. Accord 5. Rx8 6. 300zx 7. Tx3 8. Pulsar 9. 200sx
  4. i'm in melb but go back to syd every couple of months, i'm always up for a cruise. around july or aug, we are hiring out wakefield raceway for the day, max of about 25 cars already have about 16. if you want we might be able to put the two together. If not we can always do two, i'll post some details when it gets closer, will be a fun day, evo's, wrx's, slivia's, a 380hp atw gts and getz on N02..
  5. Hey tom if u still have them i will take the front strut brace, Monster performance STS, Parcel tray and brake booster off you. (for now) u got my number Let us know whats still have. And man that sucks about your car.. P.s why u no list your headers? & hold on to that little coolant overflow tank on the left of the engine bay its worth like 350 or about 150 from a wrecker.
  6. The Result: A whooping 190km/h @ 5800 rpm in 4th. In 2.2km from a standing start. Thats a crazy 3166 kangaroo jumps per minute (118mph in 1.3 mile) 60km/h in 1st, 100km/h in 2nd, 150 in 3rd then 190k/m in forth with 1200rpm left and 5th not even used. Got to 160 surprisingly quick (for a 1.3) then started to slowly push to 180, pasued on 180 for a sec then even more slowly made its way 189, i was looking at it yelling "come on.. 1 more" then the needle moves down a tiny bit to sit exactly on 190. held it there for a bit then backed off and started to slow. Out of the 2.2km, it took almost 70
  7. Hey guys, been a lil while, just been working heaps, hope everyones good. So my car finally went to the shop and i have hired 06 Hyundai Getz, because it was the only car they had in manual. Any my bro and some mates place our bets on the top speed of the little bubble and i must say i was impressed. So place your bets or take a guess, what is the top speed of the tiny little 1.3lt I4 Getz, & for bonus points how long / distance to reach top speed (in km or miles) p.s no cheating and looking it up on the net. I'll post the results in the next few days.
  8. What makes you think you have to use your stock IM? the ZE IM manifold is where most of the extra power comes from. You can use the ze IM with the a non ze ecu it will run fine, but again not as much power, to use a ze ecu you also need to change the air flow meter.
  9. Hey 95 Octane is the lowest for a klze, when i use 91 it really doesn't like it. In japan their standard fuel (lowest Octane) is 95.
  10. yep same place i ordered my leds from.. https://www.superbrightleds.com/mini-wedge.html I ordered 6 different types to see which ones were brightest, the WLED X5 Led Wedge Base Bulb was easily the brightest of them all.
  11. My brother got some of these cheap and i installed one. the fan and little motor melted through the side of the plastic so called supercharger in about 2 hours. The engine in them are tidy, ask them how much CFM (air florced). I can't remeber the exact figure but our cars suck more CFM then the electric SC produces naturally by themselves. so you put one these on and the car will spin that little fan much faster then that it goes by itself, this will heat up the little fan & motor so much it melts. lol It did make a tiny tiny bit of difference on a 1.3lt charade.. Wish i still had the
  12. Nice.. Congrats too. and yeah have fun planning
  13. Visual Difference http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/5335/klze.htm There are 2 klze engines one woth different Im Look at my car domain for the pic of the 800 IM Info http://www.geocities.com/viv95pgt/klze.html Different Pistons, (higher compression), heads, cams, IM, ECU and Air flow meter. normal V6 (klde) rated at 165hp klze rated a 200hp
  14. thanks for all the info guys, have learnt a bit from this. sLaSh_ArChAnGeL: i'm not having a go a chrome wheels as such, just from my experience and what i have been told chrome is no good for performance. Yes one solid wheel in silver may be heavier than say a five spoke chrome, but compare two of the same wheels but one in chrome. and thats a good point just check the weight of the wheel full stop. but have you never wondered why race cars, tuner cars etc never use chrome?
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