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  1. deflux

    Lawl Im Back

    She must be a pretty good girl for you to leave Ontario and go to a place like Wyoming?
  2. deflux

    Parting Out 1998 626

    I need an EGR actually, let me know a price
  3. deflux

    Plug Wires

    A hotter spark plug can cause the electrodes to wear out more quickly and lead to pre ignition. This raises the cylinder temperature and can cause major damage.
  4. deflux

    In Need Of Opinion

    Take it to a bodyshop you trust and get them to inspect it. A good bodyman will be able to tell right away if the car was wrecked or anything. Also run a carfax, although carfax is full of holes and not that reliable. But it's worth the 20 bucks. If they refuse to let you do these things then walk away, they are hiding something.
  5. deflux

    Plug Wires

    Go OEM, plugs and wires are one of those decisions that are better left to the engineers who designed the car
  6. deflux

    Inner Tie Rods

    I rented a specialized "kit" from Partsource and it made it pretty easy. I don't recall any pins though....What the heck is a crows foot wrench? You Americans and your crazy terms. Johnson bar, anyone?
  7. deflux

    Which Size Tires?

    The stock 195/60/15 can be replaced with 205/55/15 without any problems... I would want to have the same size front and back though. I guess there wouldn't be any harm in having wider tires on the rear but I like having all 4 the same for rotation purposes.
  8. deflux

    Inner Tie Rods

    Wow you are still around? How is the car running? I have done the inners on an 02 Protege I used to have so if nobody else offers any advice i'll chime in and see if I can help you. But for now i'll keep my mouth shut in case anybody here can give you 626 specific help.
  9. deflux

    Just Wondering...

    Yeah i'm sure you are a good guy and everything, I just don't understand why newbies get admin and moderator spots. Did snailman not want to be an admin or something?
  10. deflux

    Just Wondering...

    Who the heck are all these n00b moderators?
  11. deflux

    Tire Opinon

    I use summer/winter tires religiously but if you want an all season I like the goodyear assurance tripletread
  12. Pretty much every dealer would have told you the same thing. They are factory trained... Removing the airbox might get you 1 extra horsepower if you are lucky.
  13. I sold an item on ebay and the buyer paid me using a fradulent credit card. So Paypal tried to take the funds back out of my bank account ($600) So I put a stop payment on anything coming from Paypal and that was that. Then they got "NCO Collection Services" after me. Kept getting letters and crap from them. So I sent them a registered letter saying that I dispute the debt and they should take me to court to resolve the issue. I got impatient, so I took THEM to small claims court. They didn't show, so I won. Scrrrrrrrew Paypal.
  14. I had one...Bought it at U-Haul and they installed it. 80 bucks. lol. long time ago though
  15. deflux

    My '98 Millennia (kl 2.5l V6) Atx --> Mtx Swap

    You are a crazy SOB