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Sean Brown

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  1. Sean Brown

    The Man.... The Legend....

    Good to see you back bro, I just decided today to see what was happening on here and look what I come across.
  2. Sean Brown

    What's Your Excuse?

    I can't remember the last time I was on this site. It is definately a good forum its just that I bought an Integra so I only stop in here the odd occasion.
  3. Sean Brown

    A Few Last Pictures Of The Miata

    That car is so hot, you need to bring it down to london and we will buff it up to a mirrior shine! Sleepy eye mod = sex as I said before even if people think they are broken.
  4. Sean Brown

    Granny Vs. Benz

    hahaha this is gold!!! http://www.hedonistica.com/media.php?path=...ny_mercedes.wmv
  5. Sean Brown

    Estonian Beauty

    Very nice car, I am impressed.
  6. Sean Brown

    Omg What!?!

    Congrats man, I am getting there.
  7. Sean Brown

    Lets Play Guess That Car

    I think its an Acura Cl So what is it already!?
  8. Sean Brown

    9-11 - Where Were You?

    I was on lunch when the first plane hit, I went into my history class and witnessed the second plane as well as the aftermath of the planes. I will never forget that.
  9. Sean Brown

    Fixed The 6

    I would take an accord over the Mazda6 if I could afford either. Honda makes a much nicer engine. Trust me I have driven hondas from civics to the NSX and I find every time honda engines are nicer for the price and competition. Just wondering how a stock 05 Accord is rice?
  10. Sean Brown

    Burnouts In An Automatic

    Thanks saved me some typing Hey, I love the trays under the wheels. That was a fun night B)
  11. Sean Brown

    Auto Xing

    Giver DJ, and make a video! I wouldn't mind driving the Integra but it would be nice if it was a Type-R
  12. Sean Brown

    Gran Turismo 4 Discussion

    This VW golf trick, does it work with any VW golf? What year and model do I need if not? I am interestd in doing this! B)
  13. Sean Brown


    I know many people don't have the money to pay a credit card at the end of the month but if you are that type of person I highly recommend you stay away from credit cards. They will just end up getting you into too much troubble. A credit card is a useful tool for building good credit as long as you pay off the bill every month.
  14. Sean Brown

    Pacesetter Exhaust

    Yeah, my reply up in this thread is really a noob comment. Obviously people have put pacesetter headers on their 626. I guess I was just BSin
  15. Sean Brown

    Project Car

    Obviously the mazda forum says Rx-7 but I would go with the Integra because parts are easily available. Lots of quality used parts too if you're on a budget.