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  1. Exactly like the ones on my car...except they were a gunmetal grey colour. Http://www.cardomain.com/id/devious626
  2. Hey guys was out today looking for parts for a mates car and guess what I came across today! It was almost a perfect find...i found an incomplete v6 lip kit..(same as the one on my car) front lips were missing but the sides and back were there and in good condition as well. Due to financial difficulty at the moment I couldn't grab them but thought id let you all know in case anyone is looking for some. Found them at Pick and Pay Less at Blacktown (Australia) on a Ford TX5. Hope this helps someone out. By the way I still have the 626 :)
  3. Nah thankfully no flood in our area... Ill try stick around a bit more these days... got a few things planned for the car in the next few months just trying to decide exactly what im going to do. Engine needs work...considering a possible klze engine swap depending on prices and whats involved. Also just found a nice set of black leather seats which i think im going to purchase. See how i go.
  4. Hey guys! Its been a while since ive jumped on here, sites looking great by the way. I was doing some trawling around and can see some of the regulars still kicking around on the forum. Still have the 626 by the way! Although it needs some work at the moment. Running a little rough.
  5. DVS-626


    Im not sure to be honest, im sure this would be the case for most cars. I dont plan on going too low though, i want the car to still be practical of course.
  6. DVS-626


    Yeah i know i never did get around to lowering the car....i should really do that...
  7. DVS-626


    1. Eyelids are from the Automoderna bodykit. Believe it or not i had the whole kit in my posession at some stage but sold it due to the amount of money that was required to fit the kit. Some lucky Bugger here in Australia is the owner of the only Automoderna kit in Aus...that used to be me!...But he still dont have the eyelids i kept them as a momento hehe and dont they look good. Click this link for Automoderna BodyKit Page 2. The grill is Euro, you can pick them up from Australia, New Zealand and European Countries.
  8. DVS-626


    Thanks for the comments guys. I wont be changing the way the lip works though because this is how the Euro lip kit comes. Im trying not to sway to far away from original specs on my car, i just want to restore it back to a showroom condition. I think i can safely say im donr on the outside now i want to tackle my interior.
  9. DVS-626


    I bet you guys thought i still wasnt around....maybe you dont even remember me.. One thing hasnt changed i still have the 626..
  10. DVS-626


    hehe stupid splash guard... Thanks Mate..
  11. DVS-626


    I thought id follow Jmoore and post up some recent pics of my car... plus i know how much you american Mazda 626ers love the Hatchbacks..... Heres the car as it is now....(Yes still needs to be dropped but i have no money...all for the house mortgage these days) Major work done: 17in ANZ Matrix Rims (Resprayed) Complete Respray (Original Colour) New Mazda 626 Badges (From Newer Model) V6 Lip Kit (Sprayed same colour as Rims) Shaved Antenna and Rear Window Washer Automoderna Eyelids Mirrored Tinted Windows Inside my car is still boring...ageing quite a bit actually i need to fix the interior...best part about my interior is the rare Mazda 626 Aluminium Scuff Plates and the Sound system of course. Fog Lights (Yellow Insides Removed)
  12. DVS-626


    Cars looking nice and clean mate. Looks excellent with that lip kit on...im thinking after looking at yours i need to lower my car...but i got no money...arghh
  13. Surely someone will take the eyelids, i have had many people asking for mine if i sell the 626. Nice car by the way shame your selling it.
  14. Whats that NSW meet? Cars coming along great mate.
  15. Just confirming that my car has this issue as well, i think i should mention mines the 93 626 Hatch V6
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