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  1. BobsSPL626

    Post Up Pictures Of Your 626

    It's on topic...this is RX8 club right?
  2. BobsSPL626

    Post Up Pictures Of Your 626

    I love digging up old threads from forever ago Boy do those rims look familiar......
  3. BobsSPL626

    Why You Dont Speed In A Neighborhood

    Would not advise this as druggies, homeless people, and some kids still play at night. I have kids that pop out between cars at 10:00 at night in my neighborhood.
  4. BobsSPL626

    Mazda Meet

    I just posted a thread in the California forum, but I know no one looks there and only writes in here so go check it out!
  5. I have set up a meet for Sunday June 14th anyone with a mazda interested is more than welcome to attend here are the stats. www.rx7club.com will have the most up to date of information http://www.rx7club.com/showthread.php?t=836014 Who: Mazda enthusiasts When: Sunday June 14th, 2009 Where: Sacramento-Muirwoods-Back This event will be a driven meet. All Day Event! 1. Starting point will be the Shell Gas Station Across from the arden fair Mall -1600 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA‎ -8:00a.m. Leaving promptly at 8:30a.m. 2. First Stop/Pick up for Davis people will be the "In n Out" (shell gasoline is available again) -1020 Olive Dr, Davis, CA -9:00a.m. Leaving Promptly at 9:30a.m. 3. Next pick up point will be The rest stop over-looking Vallejo -10:30a.m.-11:00a.m. +Vacaville and Fairfield people sorry, but meet us here! Vallejo people get here from American Canyon Road to West 80 4. From the rest stop we will take the 37 to 101 south arriving in Sausalito. -Park between "Gabrielson Park"and "Yee Tock Chee Park" Ferry Terminal or anywhere up and down Bridgeway plenty of parking everywhere. -Everyone meet at the Yee Tock Chee Park (It's not big i'll make a sign) -12:00a.m.-12:30p.m. Introductions and discuss lunch location. 5. 12:30p.m. Hopefully everyone has arrived from san fran and we will go eat! 6. From here everyone saddle in! Back to "shoreline" and up "Panoramic" and arrive at "Muir Woods National Monument" -3:00p.m. Enter the park 4:00p.m. Exit the park (trust me thats plenty of time) 7. Head back out along the "panoramic" North to "Stinson Beach" -4:30 Till everyone decides to part. This is a fantastic location again for pictures and just a really fun location to be. 8. We all head home (take highway 1 "shoreline" back to Marin and from there everyone should be able to get home.) Here are pictures from the last time I did this it is a blast. Yes it makes for a very long day, but oh what a blast it is! Yes sorry was on my motorcycle last time, but this will be Mazda anything leaning on Rotary. http://www.nps.gov/muwo/ ^Link for the Website to Muir Woods. I will be doing this on that date no matter what with my girlfriend anyone is allowed to tag along as this is anywhere in northern California really haha. If you have any suggestions please send me a P.M. If I see huge interest I may be assembling a phone tree to help this be as fluid and comfortable as possible. For those coming back to sacramento we usually stop at applebee's or wherever looks good when we get super hungry. Everyone also take in mind that all speed limits will be followed and for "Panoramic" two groups will be made for those who like to go fast and those that just want to enjoy the ride.
  6. BobsSPL626

    Bob Comes Back To Mazda!

    Weight reduction is the key advantage with the carbon fiber. Granted yes most of the doors and the hood and such are aluminium, carbon fiber is still much lighter. As for objective of the car. Fun as hell car to drive. lol Who knows maybe one day I wouldn't mind drifiting it. I enjoy drifting it, handles like no car I've driven. Maybe autocross *shrugs* Thats probably a good 4-5 years away. Who knows by that time I could be filthy rich and own something else.
  7. BobsSPL626

    Post Pics Of Funny Rice

    To be perfectly honest.....I've always wanted to make one for shits and grinns. Because to be honest....Wouldn't you go up and talk to the person. Laughing ofcourse, but you would get noticed for sure.
  8. BobsSPL626

    Bob Comes Back To Mazda!

    HEY! Did you get that 626 all fixed up yet? Life here has been ok, just keep going to school in hopes that one day I will graduate with something worth while to the world lol. Got a presidents highest honors thing in the mail yesterday from my college. That was cool. XeNo Rotary's are nothing like ICE engines. With vavles you can turn it over slow and valves will open and the vavle overlap will help pull out the fluid. In a rotary if the starter doesn't spin fast enough (doesn't matter if it is or isn't making noise) they will remain flooded. ALTHOUGH if starter fluid worked....I almost question if he has Carbon build up. Starter fluid generally works when the mix of hydrocarbons is incorrect (aka dirty air filter, crappy old fuel) Does he redline the car atleast once per drive? If starter fluid started the car, sparkplugs aren't the issue because that means that the mixture is still being ignited. Tell him to poke around www.rx8club.com ALOT of great tips and tricks to fixing a flooded rotary.
  9. BobsSPL626

    Worst Car.....ever

    Holy 2005 I remember riding in the upside down steering wheel civic (I thought it was a crx though...), but I take it all the 626's are done been crashed/junkyarded??? Cuz this stuff is OLD!
  10. BobsSPL626

    Bob Comes Back To Mazda!

    Your "bro's" (brother or slang for friend?) rx8 if 2004 probably hasn't had the starter updated. Also if he is not used to starting a rotary and thinks he needs to add gas by pressing the accelerator, that is the quickest way to flood one. Also if he never warms it up when he drives. Just like a motorcycle 5 minute warm up before putting it in gear. As for the spark plugs, the rotary relies on oil to seal the apex seals. Oil plus spark plugs over time equals no good lol. I would not suggest starter fluid. There are procedures to take when you flood a rotary. The turbo set-ups are getting much better. Alot of the forum members have been solving alot of the problems with the turbo kits, but why bother, pay the extra bank and loose alittle power for reliability and the ability to keep from pulling my hair out. P.S. looked into that 20b a bit more. Starting at $20k no thank you.
  11. BobsSPL626

    Bob Comes Back To Mazda!

    20b is a big fat no. I need reliability. The renesis motor is the most reliable and accurate of the chain so far. OMP works great. Premixing isn't required for the motor to survive. I also live in California and need to pass emissions. Supercharger over turbo for A. Reliability again. Because the Renesis motor sits so low ALL of the turbo RX8's have problems. You either have to have a pump oil out of the turbo or reroute the turbo to a higher location which lowers boost and kills backpressure which in turn destroys the rotors from carbon build up. B. Granted the greddy ball bearing up grade is pretty good for consistant boost, fuel curves are always messy. Which again Rotary's require perfect fuel mixtures or you destroy seals or flood the rotors. C. Back to reliability, Supercharger sits on top of the motor with the belts routed to the back of the engine. All of which takes up no space and doesn't require me pulling the motor. D. Solid power curves in every gear and every RPM. Check the graphs Look at all the Turbo graphs they are sketchy as hell, but the supercharger graphs are (Orange and Teal) solid straight lines just like the stock graph (bright green) They are all lower in power yes, but much much much better for the motor. AND Hymee isn't on there, they have it dynoe'd at 361 which will be right up with the greddy upgraded. (yellow) All things aside it boils down to personal preferance lol.
  12. BobsSPL626

    Is It Worth It?

    Junkyard it and buy a new MazdaSpeed3 and call it a day. Helps the economy and you'll be twice as happy.
  13. BobsSPL626

    Bob Comes Back To Mazda!

    psh Mazda speed is WAY too expensive. Carbon Creations for everything but the doors. The doors will be through fluid motorsports. Maybe $7k for all the carbon. $7.5k for the supercharger or if I feel like being cheap greddy is $4.5k. Suspension work will be about $3-5k. JIC front and rear carbon fiber strut bars. BeatRush undercarrage support (tranny supports, rear diff brackets, 6point lower arm bar). Eibach coilovers and sway bars. Powdercoating black the stock rims, free from a friend $25k plus shipping and handeling. P.s. yeah the avatar was from a school project
  14. I saw Snailman is still here, but who knows who else. Either way....... I've seen those rims before!!! Thats where I've seen those rims before! Thats correct I sold my Ducati 1098 for a Mazda RX8 6speed mani Sport package Pearlescent White Here is a better picture for proper lighting (before rims though).... Iphone sorry lol. Many plans are in the making for it. First plan get a second job to fund following plans lol. Pre warranty will be carbon fiber everything (Hood, all four doors, trunk, body kit, fenders) After warranty Hymee Enhanced Twin Screw Supercharger. Aim is 2400lbs at 360rwhp So I am definitly still alive and back to the Mazda Family without the influence of Ford
  15. BobsSPL626

    Guess Whos Back?

    Too many people lol (yeah I know I know), but really don't rule out Cali come out this way and get a house. Best investment EVER right now that is.