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  1. at times misses his old 626

  2. hey D pimp just thought i would check up on you give me a call when you are in BR later buddy
  3. the back one pops off to just open the trunk and feel where it would be on the back side 2 pins per badge if you dont want all the trouble of painting go to the junk yard and pop some off another mazda. i like the painted my self and if you go out to the junk yard you can practice on a pos instead of you ride in case you mess it up
  4. my wife and i have 3 between the 2 of us so i always have mine close by .............you never know what might walk by or you may see
  5. this happend to me right before i sold my 626 of the same year you could have a clog in the rad or in the system its self when you drain the system leave the drain plug open and stick your hose in the fill port and fill the system with water you mmay need to start the car to cycle the water through. if you dont have a lot of water comming out the drain you are clogged if not then the termostat was most likly sticking make sure that you keep an eye on the engine temp and dont let it over heat
  6. ford mustang and i got one this year 1/7/08 99 35annaver 5speed
  7. in louisiana the sig should be signed but will they toss it cant say i live in louisiana the sig line shows that you agree that the cop explained to you what you did and why they are doing what they are doing if your not sure call the office that gave you the ticket and have them explain it to you i have had to do that with the East Baton Rouge shariffs office mine was tossed since he wront down the wrong violation when we went to court he could not remember what i did and i sure as hell was not going to tell when they asked me i said the 5th and the judge giggled and said have a nic
  8. sold car i do have a set of stock head lights for $30 with no plugs can get plugs if wanted there would be no shipping added to this that is what the $30 is for :)
  9. CKL


    search this has been talked about too many times there are 2 really good ones for the 93--97 v6 and 4 bangers
  10. okso it looks like my 626 might just live still it looks like the CV Joint failed i dont know how bad but it looks fixable once i find out the whole deal i will fill you guys in more but i think i will still be selling the car in the end the offer i made you D still stands if you want it
  11. search there are 2 really good posts about this and how to remove the green crap just to worn you though the green paint helps to light up the gauge faces and once removed they dont glow as bright unless yo add more wired LEDS to the gauges
  12. you could always change out the 96 grill with a 95
  13. just let zuke know you have dontated did you put your user name in the memo box when you donated ?
  14. 2.95 - 87 oct 3.07 - 89 oct 3.20 - 93 oct
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