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  1. hey guys, I was driving home 2 nights ago listening to Akon at volume 15 (23-25 is where my gain is set), front speakers are crossed at 63 (I know, that is probably too low :\..) and I heard some loud noise comin from left side, and I balanced from left to right, and right to left and noticed that no sound is coming out of left tweeter. I was told to do 9v battery test or check it out with multimeter, but didn't have a chance to do any of that yet. One really WEIRD thing I noticed is that my cars alarm turns on and lights blink when I lock/close my drivers door. About a month ago my alarm
  2. nick i will do that the first thing tomorrow morning as its very cold outside right now. after work i went to the mechanic and he made a list of parts that i "need to replace". he said that i have to replace: timing belt (he has to take it off in order to fix the problem and new one has to be put on again is what he said), water pump, both valve cover gaskets, some 3 superflex seals whatever they are, crank and cam shifts or their seals, not sure what he was trying to say, and also oil pan gasket. i have no clue about cars but i dont think he has to replace all those parts in order to fix the
  3. rice man thanks for the reply again. damn im at work now and my mom called me from the mechanic and said he is asking $630 for labor, for about 10 hours and with all the parts i need i wouldnt be cheaper than $1200. He told her if we find any mechanic here that would charge less for labor that he would do it for free. my mom didnt ask what is wrong but i'm going to get the car after I get off the work and write down all what he says its wrong. can you guys think of anything that would cause oil to leak and cost that much?
  4. rice thanks for the reply. my mom knows the mechanic that i went to today and he didnt charge me nothing. when i went there i was in hurry to work and he had 3 cars there he had to work on so he didnt have much time to look at it and he told me to wash down my engine and come back tomorrow. im thinking if i have to wash down the engine so he can see where it is leaking, then he is not a good mechanic. how would i go about washing down the engine? is there anything i could mess up? i have to wash my car tomorrow anyways so its not a problem if he can tell me whats wrong with it. if he gives me
  5. thank you for replies guys. ricekiller yeah i should buy some kind of manual and start doing shit around the car myself and not let those asswipes work on it anymore. everytime i go to get something fixed about 2-3 new problems come up. last time the same shop had my wheel off by about 10 degrees when they changed my tires. nick: i read your post and it seemed to complicated to me the shop lifted my car up and they pointed few spots from which they think it's leaking and all of them are under IM i believe and they said its leaking from RVCG or IM, they weren't sure what's causing it... thats
  6. Hey guys, I changed my oil about month and half ago and since then I've been parking my car on grass. Few days ago we re-built the drive way and I started parking on it and 2-3 nights in a row there was always a new 4-5 inches wide oil stain in the drive way. Today I went to the place where they changed my oil and told them what's happening and after they checked the car they said everything they did is fine and that I should take it to Mazda dealership and pay them around $80 so they do full diagnostic. Also the guy said that it's probably leaking from rear valve cover gasket and that every
  7. capacitor is useless... instead of spendin 100 bux on it save that up for a new 100+ amp alternator
  8. duals? 1100 watts? bandpass? that would sound like shit... no offense man but i'd rather save some money and get a nice headunit and some good front speakers. start saving up to get a good system first time rather than keep spending money on bad ones. just my .02
  9. would there be a way to put it in thru the back seat then?
  10. Why not build an enclosure to house 3 10's going across the rear deck....firing into the passenger cabin? That's the plan for my next build. i got some good deals for barely used 15s
  11. damn... ill have to go to local shop and ask them whats the biggest box i could put in there or measure my trunk, and figure out box dimensions and see wuts the biggest i could fit in there.. id really like to run 2 15s with either 2 cf for sealed or 3 for ported EACH :\ Don't forget, the box has to FIT through the opening too.... yeh i was aware of that too :\ what do u think is the BIGGEST i could fit in there? just an approximation... id maybe try 2 sealed 2cf boxes for 2 15s
  12. damn... ill have to go to local shop and ask them whats the biggest box i could put in there or measure my trunk, and figure out box dimensions and see wuts the biggest i could fit in there.. id really like to run 2 15s with either 2 cf for sealed or 3 for ported EACH :\
  13. so if 3 cf is 1/3 of the trunk i could fit another 3 cf box and amps behind it? id give each sub about 1000wrms
  14. i'm thinking of buying 2 15s and fitting them in my trunk. manufacturer specifications for each one of those 15s is: 2 cubic feet per sub, after displacement. Ported/Vented: 3 cubic feet per sub, after all displacements. so would i be able to fit them both in my trunk? how many cubic feet boxes have ou guys fit in your trunks?
  15. how many cubic feet of space we have in our trunks to work with? i know for a 1999 it says 14.2 cubic feet max, but how many actual cubic feet max for a box? i plan on putting 1 15 xxx or maybe 2 in a ported box.
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