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    99 mazda 626 auto lx
  1. rsriverrat

    Ring Job On Fs And Fp Engines

    I know this is an old post/how-to but I was wanting to follow this, and loved the pics to go along with the text, is there any idea how long it will take the server to get to this thread? i have patiently waited a week, however if there is/was a problem with the rebuilding process of the forum upgrade I just thought I would bring it to the attention of someone. Thanks guys and gals, and alucard for this awesome tut
  2. rsriverrat

    Power Steering Pump Pulley Help

    yeah no helicoil repair here for a brand new pump, gonna get the correct one, one way or another, even if it costs me another 36 dollars to transfer the pulley to another pump
  3. rsriverrat

    Power Steering Pump Pulley Help

    And now to make things worse, I have no idea if I will ever get this car finished, lmao..... I ordered a pump from NAPA, 4 days to get here, took it home, KL pump, called them and they ordered the correct FS pump, another 4 days and I got it, took it to a shop today and paid 36 dollars to have the pulley pressed off the old one, and put on the new one, got it all installed and went to finish putting the lines on it and wouldn't you know the 14x1.5 pitch banjo bolt threads apparently were re-tapped when the pump was remanufactured so now my original banjo bolt which I was to reuse per the instructions doesn't fit.... lol in talks with NAPA now and will know more Monday, but they have ordered another one to see if it is a manufacturer problem or just this particular pump issue, also have one ordered from Autozone just in case.... Wish me luck, 3 months to replace timing belt, valve stem seals and now this... I do only have weekends and this summer has been hot down here in the sunshine state, as you well know
  4. rsriverrat

    Power Steering Pump Pulley Help

    yeah DJ it is definitely different then the KL pump, here are some pics of the new pump, looks like a press on to me, so I guess I am gonna have to rig something up or take the pump to a shop and have them swap out the pulley....
  5. Ok so I have gotten my timing and valve stem seal problems resolved and the car runs beautifully now as long as the power steering belt is off it, lol so I need to replace the pump, I have seen the different images DJ has posted to another thread but I have no idea how to get this pulley off it appears as if it is thread on, and there is a star bit or hex bit hole in the end of the pump shaft. All the pics I can find online of the pump show a smooth shaft and appears to be pressed on, I was not blessed with the speed sensing power steering which just has a nut to loosen
  6. rsriverrat

    99 626 Crank Pulley Key

    DJ, Here are the other pics you requested, kind of hard to get decent pics in that tight of an area, not sure whats up with that first pic, I took several and they all had that line in them.
  7. rsriverrat

    99 626 Crank Pulley Key

    ok so where to buy the parts, I already have the powerbond pulley ordered from oreillys , but where to get the key and washer? any experience with jimellismazdaparts or just my local Mazda dealer?
  8. rsriverrat

    99 626 Crank Pulley Key

    DJ just the person I was hoping would respond, like I said I had a lot of torque on those accessory belts to stop the squealing, also when i went to take the crank bolt loose all I had to do was tap the breaker bar a couple times with a hammer and it came right loose.... where I live I have to leave the car looking like it isn't being worked on so I will have to get that pic for you tomorrow after I get home from work.. as an aside, I did notice that while the alternator, a/c, and ps pump pulleys all spin freely the water pump has some resistance to it when trying to spin it by hand... Perhaps with not having the crank bolt torqued properly it allowed the pulley to move back and forth allowing the key to shear over time
  9. rsriverrat

    99 626 Crank Pulley Key

    99 626 L4, distributor-less ignition / 240k miles Ok, so I changed my timing belt / water pump / tensioner / idler about 6 months ago, and here recently the car started to act like it had a clogged cat, it would start and idle as long as you gave it some gas, but it would not do any kind of snap throttle, it would just barely rev faster and faster even floored, so I checked all the electrical parts, the cat, etc. After eliminating everything I started figuring it had to be timing either mechanical or ignition, I figured I needed to replace the balancer since it was eating into the plastic timing cover but never got around to it. Fast forward today - so i pulled the plugs and put a screw driver in plug 1 and turned the engine until the screwdriver was at the top of its stroke, and BAM the cams were aligned perfectly so the mechanical timing is perfect, I search the crank pulley for the timing mark and found it at about the 8 o'clock position instead of being aligned with the marks on the plastic cover, so I was thinking the outer ring has spun but when I took the balancer off I found a sheared woodruff key, and a chunk missing out of the balancer right next to the keyway, and the washer was broken also as it sheared... As for why this happened I think is two-fold 1. I did not torque the pulley down very tight (I was in a hurry) 2. I tightened the accessory belts way to tight (to prevent squealing) the alternator / water pump belt was so tight i could see the ribs on the smooth side of the belt.. Could either of these 2 items have caused the key to shear? Also are that key and washer only available from the dealer?
  10. rsriverrat

    02 Tails In 98

    someone in the 02 headlights on a 98 thread asked me to post pics of the 02 tails on my wifes 99 so here are the pics. here are the 02 tails on the right and the 99 tails on the left 02 tails on left, 99 on the right corner shot of the 99 tails complete 02 tails
  11. rsriverrat

    <p>Mazda 626</p>

    Mazda 626
  12. rsriverrat

    Vehicle: Mazda 626 (1999)

    Name: Mazda 626 (1999) Date Added: 16 May 2011 - 09:18 PM Owner: rsriverrat Short Description: My wifes baby View Vehicle
  13. rsriverrat

    2000-2002 Headlights In A 98

    thanks for asking, yes she is fine, a little heart broken cause this was her baby and has been for 5yrs now. she is 41 and never had an incident with a deer before. she always looks at the good side of things, it wasnt totalled, and she gets the look of a 02 for not a lot of money, by the time i buy the corners and hood and fender i'll have about 175 in it before the paint and grille. and no pics of the rear right this second, but i'll snap some tomorrow morning if i have a chance and post them, i can have those out and back in, in about 5 mins total Ratt
  14. rsriverrat

    2000-2002 Headlights In A 98

    i just did this swap this weekend, the wife hit a deer a few days ago so saturday we went to the local u-pull it, when she saw the clear headlights, the fog lights and those sexy tails on the 02 she fell in love. so i pulled out my phone and checked to make sure the fenders were same, and from what i could find the hood and fenders are the same on the 98-02's, so i proceeded to pulling the tails (wiring harness too), the bumper cover, and inner bumper which had the fogs attached, and the headlights, the turn signals had already been taken off, as has been said earlier the tails are a direct replacement, but every thing else i mentioned has to be be replaced to make it look right, i still have to buy replacement markers from andy's, and go back for the hood and fender since ours is messed up from the collision, and get a 02 grille. now if i can just figure out which wire going to the headlight are the low beams so i can trigger the relay to turn on these fogs i'll be good to go. here are some pics.
  15. rsriverrat

    99 626 Axle Replacement

    wow i'm surprised no one else has any options/ideas... thanks Trebuchet03 for responding Ratt