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  1. max626

    626 Fun And Festivities (Vid)

    another one bites the dust
  2. max626

    626 Ze Vs Gen Ii Rx7 6 Port N/a

    You think your cool racing all these cars ......When are u gona go megasquirt i know your freaky KL still has some more ponies in it
  3. max626

    Parting Out 99 V6 626

    Thats a post from Aug 08
  4. max626

    Ndm's Bixenon Hid Conversion Thread

    It looks like you bought 00+ aftermarket ones? But great progress keep it up
  5. max626

    Did I Accidentally Find More Foglight Kits??

    Dont forget you need the bezel as well which is usually a separate part
  6. max626

    My Short [race?] Story

    No number=U FAIL
  7. max626

    I Just Realized...

    Happy B-day man hope it was great
  8. max626

    Parting Out......let's Try Again

    I need the factory harness coming off the headunit, but could i get a pic first b/c mine is the bose so hopefully its the same harness...
  9. the junkyards near me suck, so for thoese of you with aftermarket HU if u kept your stock HU sell me your harness that comes off of it. Shouldnt cost more then 10 including shipping. Pm me or email me at Maximus0601@aol.com
  10. max626

    Face Lift For 99 626

    Hood Bumper Grill fenders Bumper reinforcement Headlights/Corners I think that should be it, your best bet is grabbing the parts from a junkyard
  11. max626

    99 V6 626 Parting Out!!!

    How much for the engien?
  12. max626

    Finally Did It!!!

    Stock shocks/mount? Drop looks good give it some time to settle though
  13. max626

    New Eibach Springs

    150+Shipping to where every you pay Shipping will be from NYC 11411 pics:
  14. max626

    My 1999 626

    Looks clean but two things, u dont need a need bumper a shop can fix that and u should put back that snorkel or go with a CAI.
  15. max626

    Engine Cover Pics

    Nice wrk but looks weird on the car. Plus a engine cover, covers teh engine Also i wouldn't drive with it due to the high temps under the hood so like already stated use it as a show peice