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  1. 626 Fun And Festivities (Vid)

    another one bites the dust
  2. 626 Ze Vs Gen Ii Rx7 6 Port N/a

    You think your cool racing all these cars ......When are u gona go megasquirt i know your freaky KL still has some more ponies in it
  3. Parting Out 99 V6 626

    Thats a post from Aug 08
  4. Ndm's Bixenon Hid Conversion Thread

    It looks like you bought 00+ aftermarket ones? But great progress keep it up
  5. Did I Accidentally Find More Foglight Kits??

    Dont forget you need the bezel as well which is usually a separate part
  6. My Short [race?] Story

    No number=U FAIL
  7. I Just Realized...

    Happy B-day man hope it was great
  8. Parting Out......let's Try Again

    I need the factory harness coming off the headunit, but could i get a pic first b/c mine is the bose so hopefully its the same harness...
  9. the junkyards near me suck, so for thoese of you with aftermarket HU if u kept your stock HU sell me your harness that comes off of it. Shouldnt cost more then 10 including shipping. Pm me or email me at
  10. Face Lift For 99 626

    Hood Bumper Grill fenders Bumper reinforcement Headlights/Corners I think that should be it, your best bet is grabbing the parts from a junkyard
  11. 99 V6 626 Parting Out!!!

    How much for the engien?
  12. Finally Did It!!!

    Stock shocks/mount? Drop looks good give it some time to settle though
  13. New Eibach Springs

    150+Shipping to where every you pay Shipping will be from NYC 11411 pics:
  14. My 1999 626

    Looks clean but two things, u dont need a need bumper a shop can fix that and u should put back that snorkel or go with a CAI.
  15. Engine Cover Pics

    Nice wrk but looks weird on the car. Plus a engine cover, covers teh engine Also i wouldn't drive with it due to the high temps under the hood so like already stated use it as a show peice