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    96 626 DX with a 98 LX motor

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    working on my car......everyday. Always can work on something
  1. what you should do is get a replacement motor... just the plain klde motor but with less miles, because it will be alot cheaper then a klze.
  2. woulda a probe clutch be the same, because i know the tranny, and motor are pretty much identical, so would a probe on work, and 2 does anybodey have an egr valve or a clutch for sale?? o ya by the way where can i find o2 sensors for cheap
  3. i work at Target aka the big red tit 40 hours a week, and i am a full time college student. i am quite busy lol
  4. bpt323 means make the MAZDA a little bit smaller then the 626 a little bit bigger with no spaces
  5. dont worry. here in wisconsin there is this nice dodge caravan. lowered exhaust turbo haha it runs like 12's and there is also a hond odyssey that i see with a big front mount . the toyota sienna minivans are pretty snappy too
  6. hope that week goes by fast for u
  7. it will get better u just got to keep on keeping on hahah from joe dirt.
  8. it seems like we needed a 626 story that didnt end up in dying or breaking, or getting stolen so ya
  9. i started it up for the first time in about 6 days, and it started up right away, which was absolutely amazing haha. i just thought that i would let everyone know that i still love my 6 and will never get rid of it well thats my randomness for the day haha
  10. amazing car man. i like the color i think i am going to paint it that color when i fix up all my body work
  11. good to hear that u got it running so quick. i got my car(civic) down to the track yesterday. i ran 15.2 all day long, except i couldnt get grip off the line no matter what i did but ya definately good to hear that you got your car up and running again
  12. definately wasnt expecting that o ya btw nice legal disclaimer haha
  13. good words of advice, and it is definately a good idea. good to hear that your car is ok though, we couldnt afford to lose another one haha
  14. i just found out today that megan racing makes a cold air intake for the 2.0 ford probe, which you can use for our cars : so ya check it out
  15. well let us know when u go in wiht it hopefully i found out somethings wrong with my car so hopefully next weekendrunning full power
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