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    95 626 v6 auto
  1. One of my fogs is out. I brought it to my buddies house to see if he could help any but one of the screws is rusted and it is broken apart so no screwdriver can get grip to turn the screw. Anyone have any advice on getting it out....the other two screws come out fine.
  2. Ok, now i went to drive it to work today not having fixed it yet and it didnt even get a chance to het up even to quater temp....i live close to work....and its spittin out coolant out bottom right rad cap.....is it thermo cuz u think its pumping but thermo is closed and its making high pressure push cap open? i dont know exactly how rad caps work but this is what i think it might be.
  3. whats water pump go for? just so i know what im in for if its not thermo. installed i mean
  4. ill try it once its not -9 out...cant really move fingers in this temperature
  5. ok i got 95 v6 there is this tube which seems to be an overslow cuz its just under that rad cap on bottom right.....but it goes no where i cant figure that out. Also its been overheating alot lately....i replaced rad caps, and thermostat and nuthins working itll go almost into the red even at idle in like 0 degree weather oh and the radiator is cold and the fans are running full force while the temp gauge is at the red......my mechanic said to go to the mazda dealer to fix it cuz he couldnt but maybe u guys have some insight to whats wrong..
  6. Avarius


    Hey they other day my exhaust began to sound like a riced out civic......took a look at the exhaust system and lo and behold just behind the muffler the pipe is rusted and broken.....its like an elbow bend and is short....my question is how much for one...im sure its an easy install?
  7. Avarius

    Western Mass Anyone?

    Im in Holyoke, MA......ne one nearby?
  8. Avarius

    Just Got 95 V6 Love It

    well this seemed like best section to put it in...and whats recommended for tranny fluid...my sisters boyfriends certified mechanic or whatever...n e thing he can do?
  9. Avarius

    Just Got 95 V6 Love It

    it was older one prolly 93-94.....yeah i hear that no shifting is nice at times.....and does my 6 got a gov chip?
  10. Avarius

    Just Got 95 V6 Love It

    I just was given my grandmas 95 v6...auto yes i know it sux but whatever it was free....this is my third 626....85 4cyl 5spd, 94 4cyl 5 spd, and this ones.....got it and first week overheated due to faulty rad cap...fixed and on drive home on highway raced buddies cavalier....now im guessing i have a gov chip correct cuz i got to 100 faster than i expected and wouldnt go any higher.....to make this short passed em.....second story is every time i drive to my buddies house couple towns over on highway some idiot makes the mistake of trying to pass me on the right.....used to be able to drop to 4 and attempt to overtake them...usually won...except for that m5 lol.... so this altima tries it 2 nights ago....big mistake floored it and les just say i got to where i was going before em.