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  1. Lookin for a five speed that needs minor work at most other than installation.
  2. I am in the middle of looking at a Galant VR4 turbocharger. how much boost do these have at their stock setting?
  3. right now i am running stock boost. i wanted to up the boost some but i dont know what my limits are on this motor. The motor is in great running condition. there is one small oil leak but that is at the valve cover gasket. nothing big. i really need to know what this thing could drive on all day and not blow up. i would like to run about 11-12...havent decided yet. knowing me i'll probably go with 13. the more the merrier. until it explodes...then i kill people. but yeah, i would like to know how much it can driven daily at before i crank this thing up.
  4. How much boost can a stock 626 GT take without blowing anything up? i was going to see if i should even try to use a Mustang SVO turbo (15 psi.) on a stock engine. if i cant what would i need to upgrade?
  5. want a V6 from an 88-92 626 or MX-6
  6. "you got two choices blow thru or suck thru. " What do you mean?
  7. how do you install a turbo onto a carbureted engine?
  8. Which one of the two has gearing for a higher top speed? Should i just swap in a ford 9" with taller gears?
  9. Does anyone know of any companies that do custom carbon fiber parts (i.e. hoods and lips)?
  10. I heard that some people swapped out the truck transmission for the miata transmission when putting in this motor. why do they do this? one more thing, what years of the MX-3 4-cyl should i take the thermostat housing from?
  11. Do both blocks have the same transmission bolt pattern as well or is there an adapter that i have to buy for that to bolt up?
  12. Does anyone know if the 88 F2T motor has the same engine mounts as 87 B2200 B-series motor?
  13. i thought the blocks might be the same because the block in my grandpa's B2200 and my 626 are the same. wihich would lead one to believe that they might be the same....hopefully.
  14. will the crank from the B2600 fit inside of the F2T motor or do they have different blocks?
  15. looking for a stock turbo that is in good to excellent shape. nothing that needs rebuilding.
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